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updates    Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Aug-3 by kayoaks; 32656 views.
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For what it's worth......last night when I went into the game I noticed that the PROD number has changed, it now ends in 2336 (was 2275). The Client and Content numbers remain the same.


From: Honeyphan


Ooooo - that is good news. :) Thanks for letting us know!

I think maybe it's time to bump up my rooms thread (once I wade through all of them to find it. lol)... hopefully the event will happen sooner than it did last year! lol

Easiest way to find something in the forum is to bookmark the post (icon to the left of the reply button).


From: Honeyphan


Thanks! :) I'm going to go do that right now....


From: Honeyphan


From what I remember - and correct me if I'm wrong -

The change in prod numbers are for when a sale is fixing to take place,

And the change in content numbers are for updates or events.

And a sale always takes place directly before an event, so maybe the event will start soon. :)

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I only make a note if the numbers change (especially if it is done without a specific update), never kept track if they correlated to specific thing (like sales). I'll keep an eye out this time...............

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From: Moonki


Last week I couldn’t sign into MC because I didn’t have enough memory. Yesterday I bought a new ipad with 10 times the memory. Thanks to advice from those in the forum who are much more tech savvy than me I was able to download all but my email connections. When I went into MC it did 2 downloads and both were large. I was surprised that there seemed nothing new that I could see. I did get everything -coins, stars, even better all my friends. Thank you forum members for all the good advise on saving!. A long message but I couldn’t see any changes.

The Fall Event always runs over the American Thanksgivings and usually lasts about 40 days so it can’t start much before the middle of the month. I never remember it starting before the Canadian Thanksgivings which is October 11. Nevertheless it should be soon.

Sorry to be so long winded. Moonki 

Last year's Fall Event started late, Nov 3, and it was quickly followed by the Christmas Event which started Dec 14.

The year before the Fall event started on Oct 19th.

Lynn (LMC2020)

From: Lynn (LMC2020)


My PC had an update along with my I-pad. 


From: LvlSlgr


I also had an update on my PC. Nothing new yet, but maybe that will change with the new day in about 5 minutes.

ETA: I found 2 new puzzles and 3 new crafted items - Artifact of Elements, Dream Catcher, and Peace Pipe. I didn't see any new avatars or new pets.

When I first went into the game after the update there was a message about a new Castle Challenge  with an arrow pointing to that icon. But there wasn't a new one. 

I'm guessing this is probably the update for the Fall Event and it will be turned one day later this week. 

Also, check out the fancy frame that "John" has around his picture now when you go into the Friends page.

Numbers are now - server 2336; client 2345; content 2348.

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