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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started Aug-7 by SedonaSueB; 50178 views.

I play as Trixie Belle in all the G5 Games.  My original MC game was Trixie Belle but that computer died and I now play as Myrtle in MC.  I also have MC Games as Pouncy Cat, if I can ever get back into that laptop, Silky and Cattipuss, that I only play in events


From: Honeyphan


Magenta said: I  visit each of you every day (I play as Hera11) and click on one of your buildings. A heart shape appears and it apparently adds points to my reputation but I have no idea what it shows on your end.

Could one of you let me know if anything shows up on your game. Still trying to learn the game 

Hi Magenta! :)

I just clicked on your icon- and something went to the airship dock, something went to the energy area, something went to the coins, something went to the friends - that's all I saw - it happens so fast. lol

But now I have a question - for those of us who have coins as an icon - should we just charge the HOSes - or does it do any good to charge the statues or other totems??

I just don't know where would be the best places to give? I had been doing the event areas, for those I could see playing them (and will probably do that with the next too) - but when a player is through with the event, having read their little progress card to see that - where should I send extra coins??

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From: Cyberfox277


Well, if it at the beginning of the day, I charge the statues, but if it late in the evening I charge some HOS. I think we lose all the charges when we turn into "another day", and unlike MC you can always do that again if you have the energy for it? 


From: Cyberfox277


You're not playing as Trixie Belle in MC anymore? open_mouth I still have you and you're still at the Spring/Easter event smile The only reason I know is because you're right next to John and sometimes the chest doesn't drop right away smile

Magenta, your rank or reputation is Archeologist.  So every friend's HO scene, totem or mini-game you charge gives an increase of 10% in coins.

I'm still Trixie Belle in MC, that is my main game.  I'm not playing at present until the current debacle is fixed.  Checking in here each day to see what the latest is.  In the meantime I am playing so many G5 games I have to limit my time in each game.  

I also have a few of my regular social events back up and running so am out of the house 3 days a week.  Combined with trying to declutter the house & melding a stray cat that decided to adopt me, much to the chagrin of the resident 13 year old cat,  into the  house, I feel like a juggler who is about to drop the balls. (Literally in the case of the cat).  Eau de Tom Cat is not my favourite perfume.


From: katiek2


Hey Anna, I'm playing both Hidden City and Sherlock.  I sent Trixie Belle a friend invite to one of them, don't remember which.  If you see an invite from gunshy kate or kate3 - that is me.  I hope you are inclined to accept it.  Just started playing for real a couple of days ago, and I'm hooked, lined and sinkered!



From: katiek2


Hi, I'm playing both Hidden City and Sherlock.  My nickname is kate3 and my player login is

gunshy kate (I think).  There might not be a space between gunshy and kate.  If you're so inclined, I would love to either invite you or receive an invite from you.  

Hoping for a new friend,


Hi Katie,

I will look out for the invites.  We have been game friends for years and it's great to play other games with good friends.  One thing with these games is that if you accept an invite from a friend, you automatically become their friend in any games you play together, at least that is what it seems like to me.

Hi Cyberfox277, 

I think I led you up the garden path the other day with my reply.  Call it a senior's moment.

Trixie Belle is on the Vista computer and I keep her purely for friends to use for rooms in seasonal events.  I don't play her at all as she was transferred to my (then) new desktop and emerged as Myrtle.

I added two extra uses Cattipuss and Silky, which I no longer have time to play very often and they will have whatever seasonal room is available for the current event for friends to use.

On the "new" laptop, password of which I have long forgotten has Pouncy Cat.   That will be stuck on the last seasonal room I used until such time as I can get someone to break into it.  The last tech guy that looked at it was as useful "tits on a bull" as we say down here.  He said he had disabled the function for it wanting a password every 3 months.  Ha!  Did not happen.  Also could not get the desktop to update and it still refuses to complete updates.