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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 112975 views.

From: Honeyphan


Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

Have you finished A Christmas Carol, and how did the pudding thing go?

Just an update on my pudding run- lol

After I closed out the story and got my prize for that, at the time I had 2 puddings assemblers. Now, after having played the event HOS 10 times, I have a total of 7 puddings. So they do drop much more frequently after the story is done. I figure about 5 or 6 more rounds and I should have it, though I am only halfway to getting enough keys for the final chest...

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From: Honeyphan


The Snow Queen! :)))) I love that story too and am interested to see what Sherlock does with it!

Now a question on Hidden City-

With this new event, one of the goals to be met is to get 13 stickers -

but there are only 10 available for purchase ... so do we buy duplicates?

Or is there another way to get the stickers?

(This is the first event I have played where stickers are involved.)

Also - I really wanted some of the past Christmas stickers in the book - like the cat and a few others-  but they didn't offer them for Christmas - is there a way to get them???)

And lastly - those avatars are gorgeous! It will be hard to decide which to get...

OMG - I just realized they recently put in volume control for the sound and settings! (in Sherlock) - I am so glad. I have had to have it muted because it was just too loud (sometimes I play late at night, and to have it suddenly blaring - didn't want to wake anyone) - so I can play with the volume on again. :) I like how their music isn't canned and always fits the HOSes.

  • Edited January 3, 2022 5:30 pm  by  Honeyphan

Which game is the Snow Queen in?  I am thinking it might be Sherlock.

I missed the final collection in "A Christmas Carol"  by ONE pudding.  Closest I have been so far.

Re the stickers in Hidden City, I have never been able to get many of them.  Mostly I just go in and play a few mini games there as I find some of their HOS modes impossible unless you spend money to buy hints.  I did spend money once to get a particular avatar but never again.  Mostly I just muddle along there.

I must not be at that level yet.  Have got to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and am progressing slowly.


From: Honeyphan


It's the new seasonal event - you should have it at any level. You might need to go wherever you go to get the update if you downloaded the game and don't play off their site.

I like that they kept the keys and the chests - glad to see it is a regular thing- and that the keys are gold this time and a bit easier to see in all that snow. :) I wasn't able to get the last chest in Christmas Carol- but only because I spent my time finishing the event in Hidden Treasures, so as to get the avatar I wanted of the pirate lady. :)

I wouldn't be able to finish the HOS modes either, much less the events, without the pause and play method. They really get sneaky with the way G5 games hide some things and with a timer always running down the seconds...

If you are playing from their site ---- just refresh the page.

Yeah, the M3s are just getting way too difficult to keep trying ---- I'm thinking I will have to quit pretty soon ---- but I will stay with Sherlock a while for the new event ----plus I have 14K points to burn off in Hidden Treasures.

What's annoying is that as far as M3 goes, it is pretty easy to see the programming is intensely slanted to force you to use real money to progress. And the M3s get repetitious pretty quick.

Some of the stickers are tied to achieving event goals.  The ones on the screen that show the new avatars, etc.  Of course, that makes them the hardest to get because they're tied to those goals.  Which I rarely get.

I didn't get that last chest either, but I knew from the beginning I wouldn't.  That's too much hard play for me.  LOL

I'm busy documenting MC so don't think I'll get very far with either Hidden City or Sherlock.  Am getting tired.


From: Honeyphan


Thanks, Libby! :)

I just bought 2 and when I saw that you cannot rebuy them - (they disappear from the lineup after purchase)- I knew there had to be some way to get more.

Hope you feel better soon. <3

Jenny- I hear ya! At least the Match 3 is not timed, so I can sit and study my next move to my heart's content if I'm not up to looking for the Lilliputian objects in the HOS. ;-)