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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 112951 views.

Had to do a bit of digging but got the Snow Queen event in Sherlock, also the new one in Hidden City.  Rarely do I finish any event except for those in the Castle. 


From: Honeyphan


I usually look at the avatars shown for the final prize and decide what I like best -

Case in point - not crazy about the one in Hidden Treasures this time, so will not work to Master for that.

HC - I love - both the guy and the girl - so will probably finish this one for sure.

Sherlock- the girl is cute (I always did like Kai and Gerda in that story) - so it's a possibility. The troll - meh. No thanks. lol

But the HC one is the one I know I want of the G5 games, so will put forth more energy into that and especially do the daily events, since the rewards are always boosts toward the win.

If, like last time, I finish before all events are over, I'll go to the next event and work more on that one, to get that avatar. (Which in this case would be Sherlock.) I know I want that Snowman to put in its place on my souvenir table, so will definitely keep playing til then.

Once I set my goals in mind, knowing what I do or don't want, it becomes easier how to map out my play and still have time for everything else I do in my life! lol

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From: Honeyphan


Okay, so they've changed it - you can no longer click on the cat anywhere in the room and have him meow - (in Sherlock)-

but now they've added a different feature -

If you click on Faustus - a box will appear with him inside it, telling how much more food you need for his bowl and/or when it is next available for interaction. Click on him and he will meow. Hold the mouse button down and run your arrow along his fur - and see what happens. lol

Do this when he is both awake and asleep- you will get different results. :)

That is really something to see ---- Sherlock has become the only game I really play much of the G5 games.

Hidden City is just too big a hassle with their run time error that requires restarting all the time.

And ---- a major disappointment ---- they have ratcheted up the difficulty significantly in the M3 portions of Hidden Treasures. The levels have become next to impossible to complete for an "average" M3 player without using the tools that they are CONSTANTLY trying to sell. I think this is a poor decision that will cost them players.

Like so many developers they lose sight of the idea that these games should become more fun with more things to see and do ---- not more difficult. That's not fun, it's just boring for those of us that are not prepared to buy from them every single game session. So I am just burning off 13K points and getting nowhere ---- I think they ruined it.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned Wordle in this thread yet. It's a simple, once-a-day word game that I'm obsessed with. You can also share your status on social media, etc.

Wordle 201 5/6


Check it out...

Do you ever spend the earned coins in Sherlock? I have about 275K and thought I might buy some of those fans that shuffle the M3 board. That is about the only thing I see worth spending money on. But I don't want to give up coin if I might need it later. Is there anything else you ever buy?

The only use I have found for the coin is to open new HOS.  I believe the only way to buy the hints is with the crystals or purchase them with real money.  I may be wrong, but that seems to be the way it is.


From: Honeyphan


Like Trixie Belle, the only thing I've used coin on is to open new HOS. I get so many tools from the collections and daily rewards that I don't think about spending them on anything else. lol

Only time I used rubies was in Hidden Treasures, to continue a game when the moves ran out and I only had one or two items left - (to achieve master rank and get the avatar...)

I figured, why not? Since I had accrued quite a few of them and it's silly to just never use them. :)

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From: Honeyphan


My mom is really into crosswords - she would probably love something like this-

that is if she didn't treat the computer as if it were a snake ready to strike out and bite her. lol

She just won't have anything to do with them, tablets, or even the cell phone we got her years ago... It sits and collects dust, along with the tablet. And I'm the only one who ever uses the laptop, etc...


From: Honeyphan


So, after your post, I thought I'd check out the store - never have before. lol

I think that "Order of the Bath" talisman for 4000 coins looks like a pretty good deal, as their deals go...10% to finding the item for 30 minutes...

Adding it to the 12-day Sherlock one that is 12% to find an item would give it 22%...

Better chance, I think... though I do wonder if they work as well on the event items...