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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 114717 views.

Do you ever spend the earned coins in Sherlock? I have about 275K and thought I might buy some of those fans that shuffle the M3 board. That is about the only thing I see worth spending money on. But I don't want to give up coin if I might need it later. Is there anything else you ever buy?

The only use I have found for the coin is to open new HOS.  I believe the only way to buy the hints is with the crystals or purchase them with real money.  I may be wrong, but that seems to be the way it is.


From: Honeyphan


Like Trixie Belle, the only thing I've used coin on is to open new HOS. I get so many tools from the collections and daily rewards that I don't think about spending them on anything else. lol

Only time I used rubies was in Hidden Treasures, to continue a game when the moves ran out and I only had one or two items left - (to achieve master rank and get the avatar...)

I figured, why not? Since I had accrued quite a few of them and it's silly to just never use them. :)

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From: Honeyphan


My mom is really into crosswords - she would probably love something like this-

that is if she didn't treat the computer as if it were a snake ready to strike out and bite her. lol

She just won't have anything to do with them, tablets, or even the cell phone we got her years ago... It sits and collects dust, along with the tablet. And I'm the only one who ever uses the laptop, etc...


From: Honeyphan


So, after your post, I thought I'd check out the store - never have before. lol

I think that "Order of the Bath" talisman for 4000 coins looks like a pretty good deal, as their deals go...10% to finding the item for 30 minutes...

Adding it to the 12-day Sherlock one that is 12% to find an item would give it 22%...

Better chance, I think... though I do wonder if they work as well on the event items...

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From: lilredhood51


I don't know if any one here knows about the emulators that allow you to play games from android and iphone on pc.

if you want to play android games on your pc you can download bluestacks.  I don't know if you can use the same email that you have on your phone with the bluestacks account or not. i used a different one when i created my account.

there is also an app called nox that is an apple emulator if you want to play apple based games on your computer.  i haven't tried nox since i am not an apple user.





  Microsoft has had some updates for PC. I don't know about Mac or others. Do you install updates? Also you might need new drivers. Check your computer for updates. These updates are free but you have to look for and do them. I found that I could not play some of my older games on BF but when I updated drivers some but not all of the old games were working. The new drivers were replacing old ADOBE that was takin out of commission some time ago. 

Type on bottom left screen of bar "how to update drivers" and it will give directions.

 Love you sweetie, happy to see you playing, happy to be on forum again myself.

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Hey folks ---- If you have quit playing the G5 games, could you let us know here so we can take your name off our friends lists? Thanks! grinning

Love Wordle!  My sons and I play it everyday and they got me hooked on Gordle (hockey).  Check it out.