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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 123156 views.
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Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


Just a little FYI for Hidden City...if you click on a scene, before entering, you can click on the star on the top heading. It will mark it as a favorite or preference for your friends to charge when visiting you.

You can mark up to 5 locations, but if you mark a 6th one, the first goes away without warning so you need to remember what you marked and in what order (or open and uncheck/re-check each one). Only your friends can see the stars so a slight flaw IMO.

Thought I'd pass this on since I often wondered what the stars were for when visiting friends :) 


From: Honeyphan


Thanks, Cookie!

I knew about clicking on the star, but didn't realize we get only 5 faves....

I guess I need to re-evaluate what I have faved, though I do know my first two faves were The Gift Shop and The Christmas Room - lol. Usually if it has to do with Christmas, I'm all in. : )

I love their art and have noticed similarities to Elephant games in the drawings of the scenes - the general look, but also specific objects I've hunted in other HOPA games and are drawn the same - and I know Libby has made the comparison to some MC ideas too - so am wondering if somehow G5 is affiliated with Elephant or has devs who worked for them ...

I also noticed in Hidden Treasures that the music used for when you win a game, and again, when you click to get the rewards - is the exact same music used for those purposes in the Awakening games, of which I own all of them and love. And I always enjoyed the little tunes they played then, which is one reason I noticed it right away, once I turned on the music (I usually play the games on mute) - and so have wondered if some of the devs worked for the company, Blue Tea games, which is no longer around and made the Awakening games. When a location levels up, the clouds and fury of hammers is also something Awakening did in their free to play game when a place leveled up, in that exact same way....

Just some useless info I thought I'd share. lol

But it is fun to notice the similarities.

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From: Honeyphan


Anyone know if Sherlock has a new update yet and what it is??

Just curious. : )

When I was in there last night (my 02/05/22) it still had a day and a bit to go.


From: Honeyphan


Really??? They cut me off - it shows that it will "soon end" when opening the book - but then there is nothing there - it no longer opens to the event....


Not to offend anyone, but ALL of the G5 games are getting way too glitchy. If it isn't one thing, it's something else. Either the events are not in correct phase, or the options will not come up when clicked on, or they need to be restarted ---- always something to foul up consistent game play.

And noe, their main pages offer the option to "download" the game for "better performance". But when clicked on (for me) it tells me to update to W10, which I already have. So I sent in a support request, and they write back demanding a ton of info they alredy have.

But they can certainly get those money begging requests up promptly and efficiently.

Too much hassle ---- getting tiresome.


From: Cyberfox277


Yes, they are. I play the downloaded versions, and they keep opening up my browser to go to the app store to download Jewel of Egypt or whatever confused Well I do have an add block so nothing really happens, but when it happens in HC the game crashes, really boring angry 


From: Honeyphan


The new event in Sherlock has begun, for those interested! : )

King Arthur and a missing Excalibur - oooohhhh - me likie! 

And I also like that they are doing the rewards, same as last time.  Nice....

On to Camelot!

Yes, I saw that! Should be interesting. I like those rewards, too. Sherlock is the only one I really pay much attention to. The Hidden Treasures has too much emphasis on Asian culture which I am not interested in at all, and Hidden City has so much going on that I am at level 28 or 29 and still don't know what is going on ---- plus that one needs restarting constantly.

Another question for you ---- have you gotten to the Missing Brothers case? (comes after Aladdin)? In that one, the item being hunted shows up in every game it seems. I wonder what that is about? 

Happy Cameloting!


From: Honeyphan


I'm not really sure - before I understood Sherlock fully, I was playing randomly,  and as a result, had a lot of cases open. When I realized there was a cohesive pattern to follow, which also led to getting booster items, I started playing that way. Right now I'm in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and doing things with Captain Nemo to try to stop Moriarty's plan of the powder we got in Oz... The name of the one I'm doing right now is called "Close the Gate!" - and I think I'm 50% through with the main story case in that book.

But that brothers one does sound kind of familiar...

Was it a side case? I don't remember.

ETA - okay, I think I found it by looking at the diary.

According to the buttons at the bottom, it is case #6 of the main cases, and I'm on case #11.

I don't remember what the item being hunted that always shows up was....