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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 124035 views.

Well, maybe honeyphan has another idea or is better informed since she has been playing longer ---- but right now I am NOT assermbling any collections unless there is a nice "tool" as a reward ---- so I now have 11 unassembled collections.


From: Cyberfox277


Yes, I was asking both of you, I also have no idea if I should assemble it or not smiley


From: Honeyphan


I do assemble them - and here's why:

They usually give an eye, or a red cross, or the triangle - and all of those are needed to assemble the big collections in the artifacts area. The current one for Merlin takes 4 eyes, 4 red crosses, and 4 triangles and the event assembler. Also, as the regular story quests progress, they take more and more each time, going from 2 assemblers of each type needed to 14 of each assembler needed. And also needing a gold cup as an assembler (the event assembler takes the place of that in the event artifact collections).

Once a story is done, and the final collection is retrieved, there is usually yet one more collection to get mega coins and energy, and in finishing the collection, you also get a booster item from the one you're doing the quest for, if I remember right...or maybe it was coins and experience... i think you only get the booster item after you finish the diary area of that quest...

At first, before I understood there was a cohesive pattern to the main quest, I randomly went to each HOS, opening them as they became available, and playing from each book every day. I also never assembled the collections that came up with frequency.

Now that I better understand all of it - and am playing in the cohesive pattern - I have mega final collections in the artifacts area that are waiting to be assembled, because I never have enough of the assemblers to do more than one at a time and have to build up again.

Some of the earlier Sherlock's what-have-you final collections for stories -
(Sherlock as the boxer, Sherlock as the Chemist, Toy collection, etc) only offer the gold cup - which I have 61 of right now -  so sometimes I ignore those. But if I have a daily quest to get collections, they are good for that too...).

With that said - unfortunately Sherlock doesn't have the artifact assemblers - red cross, eye, gold cup, and triangle - to gift friends. Nor does Hidden Treasures have their final assemblers for free gifts -

But Hidden City does. They are at the front of the gift list - and you can always tell what current event needs what assemblers by going to the artifacts area, checkmarking "event" - and looking at the top one. If it is checked already, uncheck it and recheck it to refresh so that the right one shows (kinda like MC, with clicking on an object to change in your private room when changing a room). Same kind of idea applies.

Though Ace's Hat, striped ribbon, and the other two shown (can't remember their names offhand) are always needed for upper city quests - I found that out last week! And am running low on all of them now... unfortunately, there is no way to put those assembler items on the gift wish list, though they are shown as being a free gift to give...

Also wanted to add - the thing about not doing the final collections in the artifacts area (called Relics in Hidden Treasures)-

The quests build up until it is a long line to get through, and those assemblers needed for Sherlock are only for those type quests, so if you have them - use them. :)

At least, that's how it has been where I am now at in the main quest - I'm on #11, and there are currently 18 of the main quest, so unless something changes, I recommend doing one at a time and keep building up your assemblers. You don't always know which one you will get, on those that show a ? - so it is sometimes a gamble. But if you see it is one you don't need for the artifacts you have that need opened, then you probably don't have to get the collection...

The collection items are only for getting those assemblers also, so you have nothing to lose - except the quest build-up of what needs finished on the edge of your screen. lol

Because I didn't do each as it was presented - I have a long line of at least 30, likely more to scroll through, though there are side quests there too, since like I said, I didn't know you were supposed to play in a fixed pattern...

Wish G5 would have a set of rules in these free games! ha!

Thanks, that info is very helpful! grinning


From: Honeyphan


Glad to hear it! : )

Another thing that is helpful with doing those collections - you rarely, if ever, run out of energy.

The lowest I have gotten is in the 7000's - and that is playing off and on every day, what totals at least a sum of an hour. In Sherlock, you level up really fast, so you get that energy too - and if you have souvenirs or totems - some of them recharge every few hours or plays - like Santa, and some of the earlier souvenirs - and that helps a lot too. : )

I have never needed to use the energy boosters to either restore energy or have my energy build faster because of all this (Sherlock only)...  I also play all the G5 games only during the events - but when there is a short dry spell, I still log on every day to get all the free goodies and build up or rebuild my stock ...


From: Cyberfox277


Thank you, I think I've been playing it wrong, I play it here and there. Just follow the Holmes' quests, I get it wink Thanks so much for the help relaxed

Honeyphan, you probably already know this, but just in case you don' HC, if you want an assembler that can't be put on your wishlist, add it to your avatar.  The first thing I do is scan all my friends' avatars to see if their asking for a specific gift.  I check in most days and can send you one every day.


From: Honeyphan


Thank you, Libby! Yes, I did know that - I remember you doing it, and did the same. lol

I've had Ace's Cap written after my name for about a week now, but will probably change to another assembler needed for the event-artifact package soon. : )


From: Christina95e


I just recently started playing June's Journey. It's been free to play so far, as long as you don't mind waiting for your energy to renew. Nice combination of story and achievements