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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 130464 views.

Did you notice in Sherlock with the previous event that as it wore on, there were NO TOOLS to be had in the prize basket ---- very cheap and stingy of them, I thought ---- but ---- they are now back in this new Time Machine event. The way they are telling the story is reminding me of the movie called "Time After Time" where H.G.Wells (Malcom McDowell) chased Jack the Ripper to modern day San Francisco. I wonder if this "unnamed" traveler in this game will turn out to be H,G,Wells?

Also, did you get the avatar in the last event? Or just to the talisman at level 26 or so?


From: Honeyphan


I don't work to get the avatars anymore since I learned I can snip those I want. lol

I got to the level with the frame around the ladder - a talisman for quick life restoration - though I have never needed to use one of them. My energy is always in the multiple thousands, so it never runs down enough that the clock is needed. The next prize to be won would have been a basket with tools, but I ran out of time to get 65 tokens or however many it required.

I loved that movie! I'm not far enough in the story yet - but on introduction, and with those things he's been saying, not to mention his appearance - I'm sure the time traveler we saved has to be H.G. Wells.

I thought the movie was great! And I did not find out until years later that Mary Steenburgen and Malcom MacDowell fell in love on the set and got married. (there's today's trivia lol)

I think the ladder thing is where I got ---- we are the same game level but I am still stuck on Treasure Island. I never knew that playing ahead would make it harder to progress in the story!


From: Honeyphan


Thanks for the trivia! I love hearing about real-life romances/marriages that developed on set between the hero/heroine of the show/movie. : )

New event in The Hidden Treasures ---- Spring Fair. So far, I am completely underwhelmed. Story is boring, prizes are minimal, M3s have a new and uninteresting mechanic.

But I'm loving the Sherlock event!


From: Honeyphan


Thanks for the heads-up, Jenny!

The magic dice in the M3s of Hidden Treasures are like the hot air balloons that rise to the top and must be gotten rid of, but at least they don't count against you if you don't get them in time...

In Sherlock- I was so excited to see that one of the M3s had the bunnies! :))) lol

Yeah, I'm such a kid at heart...

Started another one that looks interesting - Twin Moons. I like that to get into the HOS you have to first do activities, like in the HOPA paid games, with nary a clue to find what is needed (unless you ask with the hint button, which like all G5 games is an earned thing) ...but the activities sorta remind me of the Nancy Drew games - sorta. Those adventure games are really hard, since there is little to no guidance as you go along and so much deduction of what the puzzles are and where to find the clues - a lot of thought goes into figuring things out - but it is oh so fun! I have all of them but the last few and am hoping Bigfish offers them again soon - or Steam.... hmmm.... I wonder if bluestacks has them...I should check that out!

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From: Honeyphan


Okay, so in Coastal Hill there is a button with an arrow that you can click to continue with main story and not get lost in all the subplot/side tasks. It is the coolest thing - it takes you directly to the next quest of that line. I wish all G5 games would do that so we don't always have to scroll to find the main thread of diary story! lol It gets so cluttered with all the extra tasks, it gets difficult to see the forest for the many many many trees all around! lol

I wonder if there is a suggestion box or anything like that for G5 games...

No, but there should be. I did not realize until too late how to stick with the main story ---- so now, although I am at level 33 in Hidden City, I have not not even completed the first investigation, and now, to do that, they want me to find 22 hidden objects at a place called the "station" (with lights out, no less) and that's not going to happen in the 3 minutes they allow. So ---- essentially because it was so unclear as to what to do, where to go, etc. that game is ruined.

The same is true for The Hidden Treasures ---- but I might find my way back on that one since the chore requirements stay the same.

Fortunately they were more clear as to what to do in Sherlock ---- but I am still on Treasure Island whereas you are on EA Poe, yet we are the same level.

So, IMO, they are shooting themselves in the foot due to a lack clear directions, and your suggestion should be followed


From: Honeyphan


If the pause-and-play method doesn't work for you, you could take a screenshot and pause game that way - but use a lighter first, so the scene will be well-lit. That's what I do - but also, the night scenes usually give you 5 minutes and not 3. That helps a lot, so I don't always use the lighters from them, once I learn the area well and where the items generally would be.

Or if you don't want to use the pause method - then just build up enough lighters to get through the scene. : )  I wish I could send you some of mine if you need them - I have over 130 right now - but there is no way to do that in gifting from what I've seen.

  • Edited June 4, 2022 5:36 pm  by  Honeyphan

Truth be told, I don't really know why I mess with Hidden City. There is so much interruption ---- do this, play that, go there, stay here, gather these, etc. that it is very confusing to me. Heck, I'm so far behind in the story with the demands so high (21 objects in 1:30!!) that I just have been totally demotivated by the game itself. I'm only at level 31 or so and still sort of unsure what to do. But I try to gift every day although I'm still not sure what I'm doing there.

And, while I'm at it, have you noticed how cheap and minimal the rewards are in The Hidden Treasures event?

But I am really enjoying Sherlock ---- about 30% through my 2nd trip to Oz ---- then can finally do 20K Leagues ---- plus I am liking the time travel event (saving up the entry items to give a big push in a couple days ---- got 800 of them saved up!)

But I will offer this comment about ALL the G5 games ---- it seems the developers think that as far as M3 goes, we are all super expert players. I enjoy M3, but am no expert, and I think the devs should ease up on the difficulty of M3. I've have always said that making a game harder does NOT make it more fun.