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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 148161 views.
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From: Honeyphan


Just some thoughts on the Halloween events -

Sherlock- not crazy about the room - lol - but the Match 3s are fun so far. : ) And boy did they decorate this year - I love that they did a whole new theme - and the bats that open their wings (as the gifts you get) - love that! The monster-teeth boxes, not so much. lol - and really, to look at what is in that cage, do they really expect us to want to click on that and "put our hand in there" ? lol ....

But the secret room (an HOS they added to the Secret Garden with the Halloween event update) - I love that! So pretty and perfect for that story...

On Hidden Treasures - I was just about to quit that one, when they did the Halloween Phantom Ball - a repeat event from last year and one I didn't get to finish but wanted to - yay! : )

I hate spiders - but those in the HOS are so cute - and like the music for it too...

Wonder what Hidden City will do for Halloween this year... 5 days to find out. lol

(And hope MC jumps on the event wagon soon too!)


From: poolmwv


Is the Halloween event available for download? I never get notifications.

The Halloween event for MC hasn't started yet. 


From: ilona070


How come that you have the Halloween event and i haven’t?

i also never get a notification about an update. And i see that one of my friends already has reached level 119, when i am stuck at 118 for a couple of months now. I tried shutting off my ipad and restart it might help. But i still can’t find any update??? What do i do wrong or do you have any tips for me?

thank you ilona i1087116


From: Honeyphan


Hi ilona -

Sorry for the confusion. The Halloween events discussed here are from other games. This is the "new games to play" thread - games that are not MC.

Midnight Castle has not yet released the Halloween event, though I am hopeful it will happen soon. The prod numbers changed, from what I read here, and when that has happened in the past, a new update usually is released some time after that.

Just my thoughts.


From: ilona070


Hi honneyphan,

thank you for you partial answer. I thought this was about mc.

still remains the fact that someone in my list is on level 119, while me and a lot of other mc friends seem to be stuck at level 118 / 9,326

i think that is strange also.

Greetings, ilona 

Hi Ilona070.   The Halloween event that Honeyphan is referring to is not in Midnight Castle.  It is a G5 game called Sherlock.  Those games get new events every month and are harder to play than Midnight Castle.  

Several of the Castle inhabitants also play these games, not always under our Castle game names, so we communicate here to let people know what is going on.

In reply toRe: msg 747

From: Honeyphan


Okay- for those playing June's Journey - that spider coming down the screen is just too creepy for words!! lol - I thought it was freaking real and I had a spider like that on my screen!! yikes!

I love the game - the ease of playing it - with no freaking timers - the events - the things to win for my town, the many, many rooms to open, the music, the story, etc, etc - but this spider thing gives me the chills every time I switch to the screen with my home map!

I seriously hate spiders- with a passion - and to this day cannot believe that as a toddler I batted around something on the floor, giggling the whole time, and when my parents went to see - it was a black widow spider!

Maybe that's why I hate them so much - lol - the chills I got when my parents told that tale... it's a wonder I was not bitten...

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Hi Mystery Angel , are you enjoying the seekers?


From: Honeyphan


Oh yes - that's one I play every day too! : )

Still haven't won an event, to gain an avatar - but have won the chests and have almost gotten to that point, ridiculously close one time (like 7 HOS away - but just too tired to complete it in the time remaining).... I like their mini events too- like the star catcher one going on now - and one of those mini events I played, I had gotten a pretty cool avatar as a prize (just wish I could remember which event it was) -

and I love the little guardians and winning those. : ) So, so cute....