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Great prizes for Castle Challenge????   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 9/6/21 by RBL37; 2438 views.

From: RBL37


Well that sure is underwhelming. Thank you for responding. L

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From: Honeyphan


I think you'll enjoy the events much more - the rewards are better for those. :)  (i.e. - 250 coin per private room HOS, once you max out the HOSes ... lotsa purple diamonds to win from event achievements, sometimes pets or eggs ... avatars, ghosts to catch, each group with its own achievement (put ghost trap on your wish list now, so you'll have at least 20 for when the event starts - if you have at least 20 of anything, the item drops with more frequency from the HOS. :))

And be sure and do some Trina tasks so you have keys to open your private rooms for the event! :) Right now there are 3 of them (for the fall) but the devs have been adding a room each event since I've started playing MC, and that's been a year and a half now (hard to believe! lol)

Christmas event comes very soon after - like a matter of a few weeks - and there are 3 Christmas rooms, 2 of which have HOSes for you and your friends to play and earn coin and other goodies. There might be another Christmas room opening this year, so I'd play it safe and earn 7 Trina keys - 4 keys for fall rooms, 3 keys for Christmas rooms (those with HOSes to play - the other Christmas room is not recommended to put up during event as it has no HOS to play)....

The Christmas event is by far the best, IMO, but then I've never been much into Halloween - though the event is fun, and I do play it and open all 5 of my games to those rooms. :) And I love the green-eyed, black kitty cat - of course I love all cats... lol

And the Arctic Fox is one of the best achievements to win for Christmas - again, IMO.... I set out on each of my games last year just to capture that specific spirit with the holiday wands, to get that pet first thing - I eagerly anticipated getting it all that year. lol -  (which you'll also want to put on your wish list - holiday wands-  to prepare for Christmas event)...

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"underwhelming" ---- lol ---- that's funny, and very, very accurate. There are now over 150 avatars ---- the big majority from the CCs ---- and all of which are useless, except for display. The CCs rewards are as unimaginative as the CCs themselves.

In days gone by, they had world wide events where they actually gave out meaningful rewards for completion of the task (the last one I remember was 15 unique stamps, I think).

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From: Hirento


My niece started a game during the Spring Event, she saw me playing and wanted a game of her own. She played some in Spring, nothing during the summer and came late to this CC - started in the middle of it.

She doesn't really care about leveling up or the story or anything like that. She enjoyed the CC at first, until she became aware of how much it "cost" in game resources, compared to what she got out of it.

For me, at level 108 having played one game only for years, I have the resources to play the CC without even thinking about it. Airship items, stamps, Pet medallions, coin, shards - no problem. Diamonds in abundance to re-call the airship or play the Dice Game over and over. I never bothered about the "cost" simply because there is nothing else for me to use it on.

But my niece, who had very very little, simply could not do that. She did not have enough pet medallions to create pet food in the lab for one of the challenges, and not enough other stuff to create other things.

She did not have enough pet food to feed the pets to get pet medallions. She spent ages playing the dice game to get the necessary wins, as she did not have diamonds to re-start it, and so on.

She struggled doing the Airship-challenges because - you guessed it - she didn't have enough Airship items, she was at a low level and got under 100 wheels each Airship, and spending diamonds to re-call the airship several times ate up her stash.

that was not fun at all for her, and she only just barely managed to play 50 rooms on the last day.

Doing challenges is one thing, but thinking it will be more "challenging" simply by upping the requirements is plain laziness. I am not sure she will return for the next CC.

She did love the avatars, but not enough to do it again, I think.

Well, that's what I have been saying all along ---- there's nothing "challenging" about the Castle Challenge ---- it's just a resource grabber. And the developers, brilliant as they are, need to understand that making things more difficult does NOT make it more fun or more interesting, just boring and redundant.


From: RBL37


Thank you for your response Honeyphan! I know it sounds like I'm a new(er) player, but I've actually been playing off & on since 2015. I just never played consistently nor really strategized when I played until last year...I didn't even add friends until then! LOL Unfortunately in that time I've had devices crash on me, etc. and for whatever reason support is never able to return me to my previously existing game/levels. This last time around (in March during the Spring Event), I lost 20 levels after having finally gotten closer (but still not fully) to my original previous level. So they restarted me again (20 levels down, only 2 pets, and with essentially no resources). In a way its even MORE challenging because you have a high(er) level and in general players would have a healthier stock of most everything by that time, but you literally start with ZERO. Being unable to get back any of my achievements (they were 90% complete) nor any of my private rooms really makes ones pause - or at least it did me. You can only lose so much until you say enough.

Sadly I was hoping to get some "great prizes" from this last Castle Challenge to help me build back my resources which is why I even did the Challenge to begin with... Had I known the avatars were it, I would most definitely not have used the supplies I DID use to get through each of those 30 days. I forgot how coin-expensive it was just to open simple zoom zones!!! So that is disappointing. (Not sure why they didn't consider adding useful things players could utilize to progress in their game, but now I know. Thankfully the consortium was extremely helpful in assisting me with the "ingredients" to get some of my pets back.

We'll see what happens with the next Event. I appreciate you taking the time to offer helpful suggestions. I'll definitely add some of them to my "to do" list! L


From: RBL37


Hi Hirento...Your niece's predicament is VERY VERY similar to mine. In an effort not to clog the feed I won't repeat everything I just posted in my response to Honeyphan, but you might check it out. I completely COMPLETELY empathisize with her. I didn't have the resources to waste either and in fact had hoped they would be part of the "great prizes" that would actually help me get back some of what I lost. I could care less about the avatars. Its too bad we can't trade them for something useful!!

Were I not willing (and able) to pay for diamonds I wouldn't/couldn't continue. I know not everyone has the luxury of doing so, but I have no kids, don't drink or smoke, or even play bingo ;~D so my "fun fund" is I'm sure a little bigger than most. It truly is the only thing that allows me to repay friends on my gift rotation (15 a day) with prizes equivalent to (or at least close to) their gifts to me. And for now the game entertains me so I'm good.

But I VERY MUCH understand her predicament. I too have to delay sending out the zepplin/air ship for lack of supplies. And yep! Pet medallions are one of the 30-day tasks I would have completely skipped had I known. Believe me I do multiples rounds of just doing HOSs before I may do a series of leveling up oriented tasks. Then back to rounds of HOSs... And so the story goes...L


From: RBL37


Underwhelming was the 1st thought that popped into my head and it seems to fit!! I guess I just expected more. My error obviously. I remember participating in one of the world wide events previously (a LONG time ago) and had fun doing it! I was disappointed to see they had discontinued them due to pervasive cheating. On the other hand I play another game (June's Journey) with teams and global events/ranking, etc. and the widespread blatant cheating/hacks utilized by MANY teams do take the wind out of a team's sails who plays based on the rules of fairplay. Sadly, that company has gotten stingier and stingier with their prizes and the use of resources to even compete FAR outweighs the value of the prize - that is if you even had a chance at winning! The blatant exploitation of loopholes & utilization of methods/techniques not accessible by all players can be demoralizing for teams (we compete twice a week) and yet the company is making money so they will not even acknowledge the discrepancies. So as sad as I was to see the events d/cd here, I respect the fact that the company just wasn't going to tolerate it. All of that to say, I'd LOVE to win 15 unique stamps!!! LOL

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Most anything (unique stamps, airship items, diamonds, gold, ZZ items ---- anything!!) would be better than avatars, which are useless. 

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From: Hirento


RBL37 said:

Were I not willing (and able) to pay for diamonds I wouldn't/couldn't continue

Lol, yes that's what's my niece wanted to do! She's only 13 and wanted to spend her allowance on purchasing diamonds!

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and naturally wouldn't let her do that!

But I felt responsible, in a way, as I was the one introduced her to this game. Seeing her almost in tears over not being able to finish one of the challenges that day or the next but having to wait 3 days - that's how long the Dice game took her - well I realized that's what the developers were aiming for. With the challenges, I mean. I suppose I got a bit disillusioned by this experience.

I had her put the Phoenix egg on her wish list, along with the rest, so that I at least could feed her something to sell.