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What are your ideas?   Welcome!

Started Oct-2 by Erin7770; 2773 views.

From: Erin7770


I've heard that they aren't devoting as many resources to Midnight Castle as they used to, and that the game is winding down. This makes me really sad, since I've been playing it for 4 years. My oldest game is at level 106 and my other game is just now hitting level 29. I've been thinking a lot about the plot and what I enjoyed the best. I've also been thinking about what would make the game even cooler. Maybe we can kick some ideas back and forth and come up with some bodacious suggestions for the devs. Obviously, MC is still a money maker.....why stop the party when it's still going strong? So, what are your ideas? I'll go first. 

1. The Griffin: The Griffin stood in front of the castle for like 5 minutes before flying off to a life consigned to The Griffin Stall. I'd love to see it in the story line again. Or at least a puzzle. 

2. The Artifact: What a gorgeous Unicorn. He disappeared in a purple haze saying that he would have to meet me halfway. 75 levels later, I'm still hoping that the Unicorn will pop up.

3. Castle on fire. Yes, please! That was without a doubt THE coolest part so far, IMO. I liked the fire flowers, but the fire graphics were so completely awesome. Maybe the Castle freezes in blue ice for the Winter Event? Maybe an Emerald Castle for Spring? At the very least, a few puzzles of those fire scenes would be great. 

4. We need an Odd pet. We all have Odd Eggs. Platypus' are Odd. I'm just saying. 

5. The Ghostly Chest really needs a fresh batch of new pets.

6. The Avatars: Oh my goodness! There are so many that my oldest game has that my newest game will never have. Maybe in the months between spring and fall, the devs could throw in a few Castle Challenges and unlock the 3 Avatars? This way, players can catch up and get their favorites. 



From: Playbelle



What a great idea!  

I want the unicorn back too.  I'd love a unicorn avatar.  And yes, new Exotic pets please! 

In theory, you should be able to get the avatars from previous Castle Challenges.  I did that and collected a few from before I started playing, but other players have had trouble with the switch button in the past year or so.  How it should work:  There is usually a blue and white button on the final avatar (just the last reward avatar in the CC) with arrows pointing in opposite directions.  If you click on that button, you should be able to switch the final avatar for a past CC avatar that you haven't collected.  You're supposed to be able to change your mind until you win the last avatar of the CC, but some people report that they couldn't change their mind once they made a different selection, some people couldn't change it at all.  So, if you don't care about the final avatar on the next CC, you can give the switch button a try, but you might be stuck with your first replacement choice.

My ideas:

1. I've been waiting a long time for those other amulets.  

2.  If they want to monetize something, why not let people buy extra Gifts For A Friend (to put under the Christmas Trees)?  I'll bet lots of people would buy some extra gifts to hand out.

3.  I think they should borrow from their old technology: let us log in with an email address if we want (thereby eliminating all that hassle of setting up a new ID# and losing friends when we switch to a new device).  Based on the number of complaints, a lot of us don't want to log in with Facebook or Googleplay. 

4. Let us message each other in-game like they did with Awakening Kingdoms and American Dreamin' Antique Roadshow.  We could help each other so much if we could send each other in-game messages.

5. If they would actually address their biggest complaint, they might keep more new players: fix the ridiculous amount of airship items demanded by the game.  We've all told them, but they haven't listened.  It just keeps getting more and more outrageous the longer you play.  That frustrates people.  Not what we want in a game (we have real life for that).

6.  New players probably don't know how to find friends. Unless they search for this forum.  Previous BF games auto-generated some potential friends to send friend requests to. They should add that to MC.  Friends are pretty critical for game enjoyment in MC.

Hey Big Fish, we're happy to tell you what we want, anyone listening?  We haven't given up on Midnight Castle, you shouldn't either.


From: Hirento


I would love to see a way to trade in stuff that have no use - especially the extra ghosts in your album.

Perhaps a week of trade popping up now and then, where you could either trade with your friends, or find a vendor or smth that would let you exchange stuff.  Since not everyone has many friends - some do prefer to play alone with only John - there could be a Room added to your Private Rooms, with a vendor

And not only for gold or shards, but for other stuff. Such as 100 white stamps for 1 unique.

Or 20 ghosts for one ghost trap.Or...100 shards for 1 diamond.

I know of course that I can sell or shard most things, but perhaps sometimes it would be better to trade it for something you need.  Right now I don't need gold, and I don't care about the Trina quests so don't need shards, but other things would be useful such as the most common items you need for ZZs, or Airship items. That would be really great.

Even the Blue Keys are starting to pile up, and it would be a shame to sell them for gold I don't really need...


Another thing I would welcome is a slight improvement to the Zoom Zones. Please please please add a button that says "fill" when you have all items, instead of having to lift in each item one by one.


As for CC rewards, how about letting us choose between a previous avatar, a frame or say 10-20-30 stamps/shards/diamond/airship items. Or a surprise bag that contains a little of everything. but making sure it is useful.


The Friend lists.

It would be great if we could have a way - for example using a tick box or color coding - some way to categorize your friends. Some are Event friends only. Some have a gift list up for their feeder games but don't want gifts from their friends. To enable you to hide one or more category, or to sort them according to your own preference on the Friend list area.


Aaaaand add a couple or more other type puzzles. Those jigsaws are  beautiful but plain boring. I would love a Match3, a Solitaire, a Mahjong type puzzle. Perhaps one could choose either a jigsaw, or a random M3/Solitaire/Mahjong. And  a reward depending on skillful playing.

Some people hate M3s, others hate Solitaires, etc but if there is a choice it could be something for everyone. Or they could open up for a choice  of other puzzles when you have a certain number of jigsaws done.

An M3 with powerups depending on what pets you have, would be so cool!


All the areas that seem unfinished or abandoned - such as the Dark Tower, Elwyn Forest, Harbor, Fairy Forest and Atlantis...the lack of HOs in the Dark Tower annoys me, and the rest seem like the developers got bored and just left. I would love to see those areas fleshed out and completed.

Come on, there could easily be a link between the Dark Tower and Bone Kingdom or the Titan town.

Elwyn Forest looks like it could continue into the Fairy Forest, and further into the  Forest of Shadows. Duck behind a tree in Elwyn forest and find yourself looking down on the Hut on Legs at the Forest's edge...

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From: Tannie2018


I would love it if the Castle Challenge had a 4th reward with the reward being a choice of a prior missed avatar. Maybe the challenge could go 5 days longer with the final reward being the a choice of a missed one. That would allow us to get missed avatars, and those that don't need them can stop.


From: Honeyphan


Tannie - if you click on the third avatar next time, it shows all the avatars to choose from - so you always do have a choice in the final win (that is, when the CC gives the reward of the avatars.)

That is what I've been doing most of the past CCs, is getting those I missed and wanted, since the new ones didn't appeal as much. :)

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Michaela (mtkim)

From: Michaela (mtkim)


I wish they would do a survey to ask us what we would like. Obviously they won't be able to please everyone but I worked in a hospital marketing dept and did patient surveys and then compiled the results.  Not everyone was happy but the VP implemented one or two ideas that did appeal to everyone.  

For as long as I can remember, the ability to gift more than 15 a day has been requested, capping the amount you pay for opening a new area (in addition, capping the amt you pay to craft a lab item, requesting less of items that continuously run low on (e.g. airship, pet food) on DQ's and CC's, implementing a pet associated with the odd egg, adding another seasonal event between spring/fall, ability to reissue achievements if someone loses their game would be great.

I just reread yours and you mentioned the odd egg as well.  This never made much sense when we received it and still receive it.  Great ideas


From: Susanna502MC


I think the 30 day Challenges are way too long now. I wouldn't mind having 20 day challenges and having them more often. Maybe with one new avatar and one choice of old avatar or other gift.


From: Honeyphan


Ooo - I like that idea. :) I, too, think that maybe instead of offering 3 avatars only - they should diversify - perhaps offer an avatar in one slot, unique tickets or diamonds as a reward for another, maybe a mystery prize as the third? And change it around each time?

Of course, now they're offering frames, which is a nice change, though I'm only drawn to the first one.

I also would like to see mini games - concentration or match 3 or something like that to fill the empty box in the pull out tab... getting rewards for that, as we do for the puzzles.

Tournaments again - or at least some type of event where we all work together as a team to get universal progress and the higher rewards (with personal progress also tabulated, meaning you have to have 100% to be able to get the bigger prize). At least with that idea, it would be much harder for anyone to cheat, as I heard happened with the old tournaments and why they discontinued them...

And the anniversary room re-opened for those of us who would like to try to win ALL achievements. lol  (I think I'm beating an old drum in a cast off and forgotten room with that one...)

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From: Randytb



I am still very much confused about those frames

You said you are drawn to the first one?

Are your three different?

All three of mine are the same avatar?

I also heard and read that you only get one frame but can not keep it and you have to do it all over again every 30 days??

That is so not right unless you have billions of stock in inventory you would be wiped clean fast