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Who is Maggie?   Friends

Started Oct-11 by Anglesey; 665 views.

From: Anglesey


Hello all

I recently received a friend request from Maggie I'm back.

I don't recall anyone with this name (I have deleted a few players that hadn't played in well over two years).  Unless this person thinks *my* name is Maggie and has made a mistake.

Can anyone help?



NiteBear in the Castle

Hi there 

I'm sorry I have no idea but I've also received an invite from 'Maggie I'm back' .I can't remember a Maggie either. Hopefully, it is a Delphi member looking for new friends and she will reply to your post. 

I'm away for a week now so I'll check back before making a decision.


From: AEGram


Giggle....giggle.....this has absolutely nothing to do with MC......BUT, you asked the question "Who is Maggie?"

Answer: Maggie is my 5th grandchild!!!!!!!!     

Sorry.....a little humor in this very sad update times.

In reply toRe: msg 3

No need to apologise. All giggles welcome. I'm sure she is lovely.

My grandmother's name was Margaret and my grandfather called her Maggie.  Sweet, sweet memories.  Isn't it funny how one name can reach so many souls, from the very young to the very old?  Puts a lump in my throat.


From: AEGram


whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54) said:

My grandmother's name was Margaret and my grandfather called her Maggie.

My granddaughter's given name is also Margaret.....nicknamed to Maggie.