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Safe to play or not   Welcome!

Started 10/17/21 by Tennco (carlyMC); 32445 views.

From: LvlSlgr


whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54) said:

My opinion is the update for the fix should be rolled out first.  Let's see how well it works on its own, before adding it to an Event update.  

This is very true and something I've been thinking all along. I would never combine a "fix" with another update. 

Give them time? Sorry, imo, its been time enough. AND, if they need more time, then a generalized good will announcement to the players would be appropriate and the correct thing to do.

But ---- as I said before, and absolutely believe ---- playing their little secret games is counterproductive, totally silly, and completely disrespectful of the players who have invested their time and MONEY in this game. Don't want to announce an update? Fine ---- silly, but fine. But withholding information about a serious breakdown in the game is colossally rude and ---- yes ---- insulting.

And, just so we are clear ---- I have never said that the games should be restored, and I believe everyone should just stop playing until a fix is announced. I definitely have ---- in fact, I have never gone into the game since the problem arose. 

I respect the skills and abilities of the good people at Elephant to get the issue resolved but I disrespect the attitude of secrecy and lack of communication from the same group. It is uncalled for, rude, disrespectful, and insulting.


From: Erin7770


I suspect that they don't know what the problem is. I also think that as stated above, the original programmers are not the crew working on it now. I'm glad they put out an announcement on FB, though. 


From: Mara1022


Where on Facebook can I find this announcement?  Would someone please link me?  Thanks.


From: LvlSlgr


Mara, here's a link to the Facebook page with the Nov. 18th announcement.

Or if you prefer not to go into Facebook, the content has been copied in this forum. You can find that at -

Saw this on Facebook Midnight Castle (


From: Mara1022


Thank you so much LvlSlgr. I've been wanting to check out that page for a while now.

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In reply toRe: msg 116

I was not aware of this announcement ---- which is good ---- but why only post it on Facebook where folks that are not enamored with social media will never see it? EG and BFG know we are here. 

AND, the announcement was what ---- almost 3 weeks ago? That's not keeping us posted, that's tossing a crumb.

EG and BFG have behaved in a shameful manner throughout this whole mess and have treated players that paid real money and invested valuable time like dirt. I know that many of the loyalists don't see it that way, and I know they get angry with me for having a point of view that differs from theirs ---- but I am looking at it realistically. The game suffered a massive failure, and the "fix" has taken entirely too long to happen. End of story.


From: LvlSlgr


You're welcome.


From: Randytb


Libby and LvlSlgr

Thank you for your post and oh how I remember that famous lock out was not fun.

And  thank you explain g some what is involved  in  when a program is hit by a bug.... hacked...... mal ware or other issues  how pains taking time consuming it can be first to find the problem then fix it.

 know nothing about computer programs  data entries etc. I leave that to the pro's

If I ever need help in an area I turn to my sister who is self taught  a wizz on these things and has knows many many  people experts in this field but as many have said games are easy to attack and hard as hell to fix.

All I am saying is stop being so negative and remember as it has been pointed out .... not all the tech's and programmers  are the original gang but many new ones are now working at BFG EL I do not know so can not speak on that.

I am willing to wait and  give them the time to  fix the issue so I can play my favorite game that I miss very much.

The other reason is I am on XP had it since sis got me hooked lol so so there are many things I can not do on here game wise like screen shots

So like me she is an old dino and if my game crashes  it will be game over for me  

I really dought I could get it back  and after all these years playing  it would really hurt