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Safe to play or not   Welcome!

Started 10/17/21 by Tennco (carlyMC); 32537 views.
Billye (BillyeLH)

From: Billye (BillyeLH)


Thank you, Hirento.  I have done that numerous times but I can try again.


From: Hirento


Hi again Billye,

If you have already tried it and it didn't work, odds are it won't work now, either.

However, you could try (after the uninstall/re-install) to start the GM in administrative mode.

Then check for game updates


Here is how (on PC, windows 10):

Your user account the the PC must have admin rights.

On the icon for the GM, right-click (instead of double-click to start).

That should open a menu with several choices, among them is "Start as administrator". In my menu it is the third choice from the top, with a little shield-icon on.

Click that, and a pop-up (the User Account Control) appears asking if you are sure. Click yes, and the GM will start as normal. but it now has administration rights, in case that setting needs to be "on".

After closing the GM, the "start as admin" is normally turned off, there is a way to make the program always start in admin mode if needed.

BFG help pages also has a how-to on doing this for individual games, but it can be set for all kinds of programs including the GM.

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Billye (BillyeLH)

From: Billye (BillyeLH)


Thank you, Hirento.  I will try that!

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi NewbieOne,

As one of the original players, I can tell you it was a beta game December 2013.  It officially became a PC game mid January 2014 and then later/mid January when the game went to level 18, there were major, major problems!  Those of us that completed level 18 lost our games.  Those that stopped playing before they completed the last tasks for level 18 saved their games.  For the next 2 months, the developers worked on MC to find and correct the issue.  By mid March, those who still had a viable game were able to play - part of that 'fix' is still seen today in our game - updates finishing partway through a set of tasks for a character not at the end of a level.  However many of us that had lost of our games had to start again as in those days, there was no ability to restore games. 

Still here, still playing.  Though at the moment only playing my "baby" games as I really do not want to lose my main game again. 

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia

How well I remember that time when we were all locked out of our games.  So many of us started other games just to keep playing.  I was lucky that I didn't lose my first game, but I did start a couple of others to play.  I don't think the devs expected the game to be so popular.  John went from level 21 (if I remember correctly) to level 121 once we got back to our games.

I no longer play with the same intensity that I did back then, but the house has never recovered from the neglect of those days.


From: Erin7770


UGH! IT JUST HAPPENED TO ME. Bad save. Start over. 

(I do have my ID saved, though.) 

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi TrixieBelle,  sparkles

LOL!!  I remember my hubby saying "Are we going to eat tonight?"  I guess we did get very involved with our playing.  I haven't found a game since that has held my attention as MC does - not a fan of slash & burn games as I put it and most other games seem to need energy bars to run.  These can take ages to refill so my attention wanders.  +

Could really use MC being back up and running properly.  I am well enough now to want to do something non-energetic (get short of breath with too much effort).  Getting frustrated with just sitting & watching TV or reading for short spans (eyes begin to water if I try too much).  Also sick and tired of feeling useless with someone else caring for me - guess that the carer in me as I looked after hubby for years before he died.  I do remember him saying he felt so useless and now I understand that feeling.  Deep breath - patience, patience I will be well soon and then I can return to "normal" life.

Take care my friend. 

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: Mara1022


Erin7770, I hear your woes.  It happened to me twice also.  The first time BFG restored it - and really fast.  Then, against advice to the contrary by wiser-than-me folks in this forum, lol, I kept playing and after leveling up a couple of times, it happened again.  This second time I went to EG and they restored it in 2 days.  I just got it back yesterday and I'm going to be a good girl and wait for the safe-to-play message.

I had to make a detailed list of what I remembered having.  Using the Guide in this forum helped with that a lot, but it was still a chore.  The upside to things is they both restored more coins, diamonds, and pet eggs than I had.

Good luck with your restore, and when we all get back playing feel free to add me as a friend.  I play 2 games on PC, Mara1022 (level 108) and Mara22 (level 21? I'll have to double-check this one, and on my tablet I play as Mara~tablet~ (level 13).


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From: Erin7770


Thanks Mara1022. I'll definitely add you when my game is restored and it's safe to play. Mine should be under Erin in the PC game. I was at level 36 with that gray stone looking lady avatar, but right now I'm "ErinGameStartedOver" at level 11 or 12, I think. I'm scared to play now, and I really don't know how my game is coming across to my friends. I'll keep my fingers crossed for us all. 

In reply toRe: msg 97

yet another day of checking for a game update.


Meanwhile....HAPPY Thanksgiving coming up this week!  Hope this finds any who read this feeling blessed in the real world.