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MC Game   Welcome!

Started Oct-22 by anglegirl70; 2269 views.

From: anglegirl70


I haven't lost my game yet but I am having trouble and it seems to get more things happening.  Now it kicks me out of my game when I'm trying to gift.  I think I'm gonna quit playing until they get this fixed so I don't lose it completely.  I hope they get it fixed soon. 



From: 1isalone


Good idea. I would recommend taking screen shots of all your stuff just in case the server loses your information anyway.


From: CzoeMC


1isalone said:

I would recommend taking screen shots of all your stuff

Thank you! If anyone could remind me how to do a screen shot on PC, I would be most grateful.

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I can take a screenshot just by hitting the PrntScrn button on my keyboard. They go into a folder titled Screenshots under my Pictures Folder. On some computers you need to do both the Windows button and the PrntScrn button to take screenshots. 
However, one of the easiest ways is to take a picture of you screen with your phone. 

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From: 1isalone


First open paint or paint 3D depending on your software version (by the way I hate the new paint 3D). Then look for a button usually top row that says "prt sc" or something similar. Now depending on the age of your computer/keyboard you can either click the "prt sc" button or will need to hold the "shift" button then click "prt sc" button. I would run a test before opening Midnight Castle. You can just take a screen shot of your background. 

After getting your screen shot go to paint (hopefully already open) and find the Paste button and click it. You can save to pictures maybe make a folder for Midnight Castle. If you have not done this in a while then I would recommend practicing using all steps as the new Paint 3D is not as user friendly (IMO) as old Paint was. 

Hope this helps,



From: LvlSlgr


With my laptop (less than a year old) I have to hold the "Windows" key at the same time as the "PrtSc" key when I'm in the MC game. Otherwise, I just get a black picture.


From: AEGram


When doing a print screen.....if you just click the print screen button, it will make a copy of everything on your desktop. (I then just open a Word Document and paste it there.)

However, if you just click on the portion/the item on the desktop you want to copy, hold down the alt + print screen to get a will only select that item that has been clicked to copy...then paste it to Word or some other program.

Another way is to use the Snipping Tool.  I have it pinned to my Task Bar at the bottom so it's always ready.  It should be under Windows-Accessories.

I had this happen a number of times.

What I did was simply close the game. I'm accessing through BigFish app on PC so I'll shut that down and reload.