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New To Forum   Friends

Started Oct-25 by Shea11gamer; 685 views.

From: Shea11gamer



I'm new to the forum, I've been playing MC since 2011.  Not sure how this is done, but I'll give it a shot.

I'm looking to be added as a friend, to help achieve daily quests and challenges when they happen.

Please add me as a friend, Game Name: Shea ID# 672270.


From: TinyFaerie


Hi Shea!

Welcome to the forum. 

Im going to move this to the friends section that way you will get more exposure for finding friends. Let me know if you need any help and I would be glad to assist.


From: Shea11gamer


Thank you, not sure how to get to the friend section

On the left hand side of the screen there is a Folder titled Friends. There are discussions for each device and right now there are ones for people looking for Event Friends for the Halloween Event for each device.


From: AuroraMC


Welcome, I will send you a friend invitation. Aurora


From: Honeyphan


Welcome, Shea! : )

As you probably have seen by the title captions of the threads, there is a bit of a problem right now with MC - but they promise a fix soon, sometime before Halloween or around then.

One of the bugs is in the social area, so some who are playing aren't dealing with the gifting area at this time. (for many of us, it crashes when we try, doesn't display all the names or any names, and doesn't show progress of sending what gifts we did send before it crashed, when we log back on).

As a result of this major glitch, many of us aren't playing right now, for fear of losing our games, especially those in the higher levels. Many who have been a victim of this glitch and another that had to do with the story update lost their games completely.

I say this because you might not get a lot of response to your friend request at this time.

But when I get into my games again, when I feel it is safe (I also have 4 I use for event rooms for friends who want to take advantage of them) - I will send you an invite to my main game. :)