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FRIENDS of DOT - PC games DotJ; Ree; DJ1; Kelli Jo    Friends

Started Oct-29 by Dot (aussieDot1); 4614 views.

From: Suenamie5


OMG I am so so sorry for all you've been through!!  I haven't been on here for a week or so and only saw what was on your avatarsob.  You are in my prayers!!  You are one of my longest friends here and I am beside myself sad for yousob.  Big prayers being said for you and your family!!


Sue N (Suenamie)


From: Motom70


Dat:  Wow!  Great to find you, finally.  Laptop crashed last summer, I think.  So did the iPad, so I haven’t been playing.  Lost all friends and ID #’s because I had them stored in…guess where?  The Laptop!  Where it’s supposed to be safe.  Ah well, I’m starting over.  Will need some ID #’s and names and such.  I will only be playing on iPad so I’m down to one game.  Took a whole month to get the new “pad”.  Just got it today and I’m already eligible for friends.  My new # is i2832520, so use it liberally and help me pass it around.  Got a new MacBook awhile back, but discovered they don’t make MC for Mac, only for iPad & iPhone.  That’s okay.  I’m going to have fun burning through the levels in a short period of time.  Forget about saving my gold and shards!  

Hope you have been feeling okay.  I’ve seen a few people pass from this awful pandemic.  We’ve managed to escape from any harm so far.  Grateful that there have been some good days and I wish all well for everyone.  Hope this will end real soon.  Hope you find my post soon  cause I can’t send you any alerts yet.  

God bless you and hope to hear from you soon.  Yours always, MoTom.


From: datsalotta


It's been so long wondering how you are! So-o good to know you are still with us and doing well. I invited you on ipad right away!!! So big thanks 2 U for getting in touch again !! Going to check my PMs to see if you are there too. So much to say.


Hi Motom:smiley_cat

IOS consortium helper. I believe you were on my friends list. Will add you when I open games. Don’t play, just gift until game is fixed.

Miss Tracy and Cat also consortium iOS and Debbie  to keep us organized 

Caution you to hold on playing game, as many players have lost their games, some more than once.

I’m sure Datsalotta will catch you up.innocent

yep…have you at L59. Will delete that ID and add newblush


From: Motom70


Hi, Crystal.  Thanks for the update.  You may delete my old game.  What with all the problems people are having and it's been so long since I've played, I think it's best to start the game over.  I won't take long for me to catch up since I've been playing since the game started.  I was playing on Windows, but that became quite unstable, so I scrapped that one as well.  Trying to find some of the old friends.  Datsalotta came on board right before you.  Hope you're able to see my greeting.  I recognize Miss Tracy and Debbie, but I don't have their ID #'s.  Cat was on my list as well.  I'll see if I can find their ID's in the forum.  I only saved them to my old Laptop, which took all that info to its grave.  I'll be glad when I can get everyone's ID's because only two of eight invites responded, which I can understand.  Question:  Doesn't the Fall Event go until Thanksgiving?  Because it should have populated when I got the new iPad the other day.  Or do I have to have the Private Room before I see it?  Maybe that's it.  I just have to get all the shards and golden keys, which will take awhile.  I don't even have enough inventory to buy shards with yet, so I may have to hold out for the Christmas Event. No matter.  I'll get there.  Thanks again. MoTom. 


From: misstracy22



Welcome back, I wondered what had happen. I’ve sent an invite. I’ll help with gifts. No need to gift me just now. If you want to gift wait until you reach healthier levels. 

See you in the castle.

hugs Tracy 

Hi relaxed

Game has been unstable with other people being reset to level 1. Halloween-FALL, event  is delayed until next week, while elephant games elephantworks on software update.scream_cat

pS: I second Tracy’s about waiting to gift back, later. Please place on list what you need to gain inventory to progresssmile

Hi, MoTom - try adding me to your new game.  We’ll get you caught up.


Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi MoTom,  wave

I am so very pleased to hear from you and apologies for taking so long to answer.  I haven't been on the forum for awhile.  I have spent the last week to week and a half in bed or just sitting out - I have bronchitis and with my chronic chest conditions, it has caused my asthma and shortness of breath to get much worse than normal.  Saddened that the PC games are history but pleased you are back to play our beautiful game although, at the moment, it does have some major glitches.  As I play on PC and android, I can not send you a friend request on ipad but it is great that Datsa has reconnected with you.  I am sure you will have plenty of friends soon enough.  Wishing you all the best in your game.  Thank you for your friendship.

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia


From: Motom70


Hi.  So sorry this took awhile.  Been real busy in the Castle and trying to re-orient myself with the forums.  Finally found out where I have to go to answer the messages.  Took awhile to replace my iPad, so I decided on a new pro.  Replaced my Windows Laptop with a MacBook, only to find out MC isn’t Mac-compatible outside of iPad and iPhone.  Which is weird because I could have sworn someone telling me in order to run more than one game on iPad you have to have a Mac computer.  No matter.  I’m back in the game now and things have progressed rather smoothly.  Just in time for the next event, too.  Only problem is I have far too few gifts for it, so will have to wait till next year to fill the stockings.  Already have the room open and waiting.  Obviously, I’m no longer playing on Windows.  That game was always crashing, but I’ve heard iOS isn’t without its problems.  Hope everyone is remaining in good health.  Should be advancing to Level 20 soon.  Just wish I had a written copy somewhere of my friend list.  I’ve invited several, but with very little response.  I’m glad to be back and thank you for all the gifts.  Yours, MoTom