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Tech Message from MaryCricket   Technical Issues

Started Nov-21 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 738 views.

MaryCricket asked me to post the following heads up:

"I have something to share with you, I have no idea what happened to my computer, but I received a blue death screen at  Friday Nov 19, 9pm, The message I got was a bad reconf. error. ( which means my computer got compromised by a faulty software )

My guess is I was playing Christmas Stories: Yulemen and when I finished the game. Log off my computer then 30 minutes later, I signed back into my computer

And that is when I got an error message saying there was something wrong with the disc drive.

I tried everything to get my computer up and running, I also up till 2am and was unsuccessful.

The next morning I was on the phone with Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft to help reinstall my Windows 10, I was with them for about 7 hours, installing all the updates making sure my computer was back and running.

7 hours later my computer was back.

If you saw my computer 3 days before the crash and then saw it the next day after the reinstallation of Windows 10, you would not see any difference,  I did however lost all my personal files, and including Midnight Castle.

I did save all my pictures and personal files about several weeks ago on a thumb drive. So I was happy about that

Unfortunately I did not save the Midnight Castle game on the thumb drive, it was on the desktop

I was just so sick about this whole episode.

So this morning, November 21,  I took the chance of downloading Midnight Castle again, what I did was I download the Big Fish Manager first  then I went into the manager app, looked for Midnight Castle. Went through the loading, thinking I would get the introductory and seeing level 1  -  But instead I could not believe my eyes,

I saw I had  my original user ID, My user name was there and so was my avatar I was using.

I think the reason why I did not lose anything is because my game was still on the Big Fish Games/ Elephant Games server.  

How am I feeling right now, I am just crying with tears of joy.

I feel the reason why I think I got my entire game back is because 3 things

1.I downloaded the Big Fish Manager app, then I signed in.

2.I looked for the Midnight Castle game from the Manager app and downloaded from the app

3.It could have been deep inside my computer after all the updates and installations back on my computer? But it was not showing in the app data before I downloaded the Manager app or Midnight Castle.. Or it was in the manager app.

4.So this is a big mystery for me why I got my entire game back.

Maybe I have a Guardian Angel watching over me knowingly I just love this game.



From: mdpetdoc


I believe that Midnight Castle uses the CPU Serial Number to identify the game. It is generally speaking unique and the reason a game will return in its entirety if you need to reinstall Windows 10. Unfortunately, there can be glitches in the transmission of that number which is a possible reason for one game to end up on two computers (hijacked). If you need to change the processor in your device, you will lose your game unless you have Big Fish save your game first. I've had them do this when I replaced a processor that was causing my laptop to overheat. 


From: dairrr


hi MaryCricket, it's been a while sense i have heard of You,i'm gripy from BF,& dair from the castle...

am sorry to have heard you got caught up by the blue screen of death as the internet is calling it.. minute i read of it this past week or the one before it, i crossed my finger begged pleaded and prayed not me far so good..phew...

i play MC on pc and only on my pc..i have never "saved" my game i am lost as to why one would have to..i download the game from BF it appears on my game mgr all is well and good, i have installed and reinstalled my game on several times on different computers, of course had my game transferred when i changed computers with no problems of having to "save"which reminds me i have no clue how i would...

something is seriously  wrong in the internet universe isn't it.. BIG TIME Malicious Hackings .. all over & into everything..may they get caught do some time for their malicous conduct,criminal behaviors..

is good to have heard your doing well and all is well in your personal world.

sandy aka bf's gripy & the castles dair..

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