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Achievements in MC are messed up   Technical Issues

Started Dec-25 by LvlSlgr; 2793 views.

From: LvlSlgr


I had that "save error" back in the Spring of 2020 and had to start my game over from the beginning. BFG was able to give me back my level and some inventory, but all of my achievements were restarted from zero. That means this is only the second Winter Event I've been through since that happened. I knew last year I wasn't able to get everything caught up and I was wondering how many I needed of different things for the achievements and checked on that and made a list of what I needed. So today I just happened to look at the album instead of the achievements, and I noticed things are out of whack.

The achievement for the elves shows that I have 5/6.

But in the album it shows that I have all six.

And that's not the only one I noticed that was different.

So then I went back to the achievements and started looking at others that aren't related to an event. It appears that ALL of my achievements were reset back to the minimum needed for the whatever level I had achieved.  Here's an example.

When we're not in an Event and have the regular Daily Quests, I record which one I get each day and if I finished it. Also when starting a new page in that notepad I record how many of each I have done. According to what I recorded on Oct. 8th (which was the last day I played before getting this latest update) I had 217 for the 3-part, 147 for the 5-part and 73 for the 10-part. Now it's only showing that I have 50 for each of these which is the minimum number to be at the second level of that achievement.

You know the Golden Keys is always 1 more than Trina's Quests because they gave you to start with. But now I have only achieved 50 of the Golden Keys achieved but 200 of Trina's Quests achieved. Why? Because that's the minimum for the level I was at.

And as I scrolled through looking at other achievements, I noticed the same thing over and over and over. I know BFG isn't going to be able to help me with this. And I don't know if Elephant Games can help or if it's even worth trying. I have been through so much with this game. 

Please, please everyone ... scroll through your achievements and see if anything like this happened to you. And Tammy, my dear friend, and others ... I hope this didn't happen to you. I know Tammy was almost done with the 10-part Daily Quests when we had the glitch in early Oct. 

Honestly, I don't know why I'm even still playing it. This may be the straw that broke the camel's back.

I just looked and you're correct I was about 50 DQs away from completing the achievement and now it says 50/500. Some of my others are also not correct.

However, this must have just happened because I had taken screenshots on 12-21-21 and those have the correct numbers. Going to organize the achievements that are screwed up and send an email to EG.

Thanks for the heads up LvlSlgr!!!!


From: LvlSlgr


See the source image

Well, at least you have screenshots. I haven't bothered with anything like that because I was so frustrated with the game after losing nearly everything in 2019 and then everything in 2020. I know Elephant Games was very helpful with some after getting that "save error" recently but they didn't help me at all in 2019 and 2020. Honestly, all they did was to respond to my email saying they were impressed by how much I played the game ... and nothing else. I even replied to that email asking if they were able to do anything and I never heard back. 

It's not funny, but I swear I laughed a little when I read your post.  Only because I just checked my Spring, Halloween and Christmas Books against my Achievements.  They gave me all my Achievements back because I did earn every one on all the Events, but I'm missing some of the items in the books.  So my issue is just the opposite of yours!

How in the world does this even happen?  Ordinarily, I would just play and wouldn't go back to EG and complain.  But I've tried to collect the missing items from my book that I already have the achievement for and I swear the ones I need again just aren't dropping.  Plus I have to play hard to get the wands that I had in abundance but EG didn't replace those.

All this gives me a headache.


From: SharpEye1


Yep!  I'm having the same exact issue!  Have all the items in the album but it's not registering in the achievements.  However, I'm also waiting for EG to restore all my achievements as done, except the two Trina ones, and the 3, 5, & 10 DQ's, where I'm about half way done.  We'll see if they can, or will do so.  So far, they've been extremely generous in what they gave me back. heart_eyes

In reply toRe: msg 5

I received this email this morning from EG........................

Hello Tammy!

This is a known issue, but really hard to locate, so we
can't fix it globally.
However, we'll try fix your save later this week, so these achievements
and seasonal collections will be adjusted for you.

Best regards,
Elephant Games team

Will be interesting to see if they can and how the do....................



From: LvlSlgr


That's good news, Tammy. However, you had screenshots which you could provide to them. 

I wasn't doing screenshots because since I lost all my progress back in Apr. 2020 I had sooooooo many achievements I was still working on, not just a few.

My personality is "goal-oriented," and I will work hard to reach that goal. Although I have to enjoy a game when playing it, I don't generally play a game just for the "fun of it". And I'm finding it harder and harder to keep playing this game when the goals I'm working toward keep getting wiped out or set back to a much lower number. Honestly, if this had happened and we weren't in the middle of an event and a CC, I'm fairly sure I would have just given up. But right now, the CC is the thing that is keeping me playing because hopefully that's a goal I can reach and finish.

Msg 4787.8 deleted



HI, I play as MARE OF WYOMING  and have the same trouble . I lost my game and only got back a fraction of my achievements, inventory etc...  Very frustrating... I had  ALL my shards and had to completely start that over too,, it took me SO much money and years to get them all and now ,,,GONE.  Has anyone a solution on how to get this stuff back or are we just screwed??   Oh well,  I guess it could be worse.  I"m  still alive and kickin  !!!!   Haha.   I have really had a great time playing with you all, hope they fix some of this stuff so we can continue playing.   HAPPY  &  SAFE NEW YEAR to you all  !!!

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Hi my dear friend,

Just adding my 2cents to this discussion.

My achievements for the 3 new ones for Christmas begin with the number "200" and increased with each item I clicked on. 

I wrote to my Customer Rep at EG and she never responded. After the holidays, I again wrote to EG, and again, no answer. I'm to the point of closing MC as I've started the process of tests and x-rays for my back surgery sometime in Feb or March. I have PT to do first to strengthen my legs and back.

Anyway, I've decided if EG can't figure out how to fix the latest problems, then we're back to where we were before Christmas. Nowhere for months to come.! This is no fun anymore.

Take care and I'll chat again with you.


Shylo / Carol