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Elephant Games Developers Out On Holiday   Technical Issues

Started Dec-29 by TinyFaerie; 2417 views.

From: TinyFaerie


I have been working with Maria from Elephant Games to fix my game. Back in the October fiasco I was on 108 and went to do new content and my amulet would not activate. They first told me to wait for update to see if that fixed it but it didnt. I wrote her again and she said it is fixable but the Development Team was going oof on holiday and wouldn't be back till Jan 10th and would fix it then.

So just thought I would give everyone a heads up that there may be a wait to get games fixed.


From: sloopy268


I too received an email to say they would be back after the weekend. I had sent the spreadsheet datsalotta kindly provided and David Y from EG restored everything but my friends list today at 6:54 am. So don’t give up people.


From: LvlSlgr


sloopy, I asked someone else about this but didn't get a response. Would you mind answering please?

When you say "EG restored everything," does that include your progress in the Achievements and all of the avatars you had including the ones earned from CCs? Just curious.


From: sloopy268


Yes. Although I haven’t reached the first avatar in the new event yet but it all looks promising. The only thing missing is my friends which is a pain trying to remember their user names. I am now adding their identities to the spreadsheet. Hoping I never have to use it again! Lol

I think someone flipped a switch on their way out for New Year vacation.

Tonight, every friend is lit green.  I know there should be some in red.

I think I remember someone mentioning this happening last year on New Year's Eve. All players turned green.


From: LvlSlgr


Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

I think I remember someone mentioning this happening last year on New Year's Eve. All players turned green.

When I saw them all green, I thought the same thing. That it happened last year also.


From: dollymix16


Hi and thanks for the information.  I lost my game 21/10/21.  When I logged in again was back at level 1.  Not too bothered as when I played before I was at level fifty or sixty before started to understand game (thanks to the forum)..  However from 3/11/21 could not log in.  Reading messages understood that there were lots of problems so decided not to contact Big Fish as so many others were.  Finally just recently saw that players were able to log in again.  I installed the update but game would not load.  Contacted Big Fish who replied straightaway. Followed instructions to uninstall and reinstall but did not work.  I play as Dollymix16 and have not left just hoping game gets sorted

Elephant restored my game in the summer of 2020.  Wound up with more diamonds, less coin, weird amounts of inventory, but all achievements and avatars (except the cat pet won in tournament). 


I lost my game on the day before the challenge to craft 30 items and I stupidly turned to Big Fish for help...because I heard they were very quick to respond lately (and I figured I could get into the achievement details later with Elephant).

Well, I got a BF rep who obviously has never played the game.  My game is hosed up with no inventory and she kept asking id number (when I include it in every reply!)

Last night, I forwarded those Big Fish emails along with a plea for help to support@elephant-games  but have heard NOTHING today from Elephant. 

Maybe I confused whoever with such a long forward?? 

Thinking of sending a new email to elephant and then forwarding whatever they need later.


When you first contacted Elephant Games, do you remember how long to get that first reply?