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Question for the "Techies" Playing Here   Technical Issues

Started Jan-4 by mrs23; 1533 views.

From: mrs23


Last July I bought a new laptop. Through the instructions provided on this site, my son was able to transfer my game from the old laptop to the new one. Now, last week I lost my game. We tried to use the thumb drive with the game that we transferred last July to replace the Level 1 (now Level 6) game that I have been left with after losing my game. It was not a success. Yes, I have contacted both Big Fish and Elephant Games but neither one can bring my game back to where I lost it. No achievements, inventory, pets, friends, etc. You know the drill. Is there any way possible to REPLACE the lost game with the one on my thumb drive. At least I would recover where I was up to that point. I think that both games have the same player ID might be affecting it but then who am I to know. If I can't at least get to the point I was last summer then I will not be returning. I am an original player and that is too many years and time spent to have it all lost. Elephant games wants me to come up with an inventory list. Impossible. Does anyone know if I can REPLACE the old game with the new game that both have the same Player ID?



Adding: Is it possible to have two games on one laptop? I don't know how the other people have multiple games. I know I would need another email account but that is easy enough. Just another thought . . .

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From: Hirento


Hello mrs23,

Unfortunately I cannot help you much with your lost game as I have never been through that process, knock on wood. There are several posts here on this forum regarding this, but I think it depends some on exactly what happened when you lost your game.

As for an inventory list, I also know that there is a helpful post somewhere on here that gives a spreadsheet to help you remember what you might have had.

Regarding two games on one laptop: you only need to create another User Account on your laptop. When you log on to your second user and start Midnight Castle, it will be as if this is a new player. You will have to change which user you log in to on your laptop each time you want to play your first game, and your second game.

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From: AEGram


mrs23 said:

Is there any way possible to REPLACE the lost game with the one on my thumb drive. At least I would recover where I was up to that point. I think that both games have the same player ID might be affecting it but then who am I to know.

The short answer to your question is no.....The game is lost. It cannot be retrieved by you. Big Fish cannot retrieve it, they can do a rebuild based on information you tell them: level, what inventory, what achievements, what pets, etc. .....and even then, depending on who you get, you may not get any achievements or anything in the event albums.

The reason:

Your files you copied from your old computer have a game ID somewhere imbedded in them. That tells the BF servers what game to deliver from their servers to your device. Your friends are also included in the files residing on your device, so they also transfer over when you move those files to a different device.

All of your game progress, inventory, achievements, pets, coinage, diamonds, shards, event progress.....all of that is housed on the BF servers. (This is to prevent players from illicitly modifying that information to show progress/items they haven't earned.) When your game save didn't reach BF servers, somehow it also disappeared from their servers. None of us know how this happens, but apparently there's some program change in the October 4 update that resulted in this occurring more frequently. It was reported to have been fixed within the Christmas update; that has obviously not happened because players continue to lose games.

So, when your game save didn't reach their servers, those servers have no record of that game ID. When you logged in with the ID from your old game, their servers had no game to deliver to you, thought you were a new player just starting the game and delivered to you the beginning of that game.

Because you have your friends in those files you transferred, when John and the social aspect of the game is introduced to you, all of your friends will present at that Level 6.

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From: AEGram


***also see post above***

In answer to your question about having more than one game on a single device:

1. On your computer/laptop, create a new user can do so with bypassing the Microsoft sign in by declining and saying you don't know that person's information. There are steps on how to create a new account on-line if you don't know how.

2. When you create that account, you will also be creating a password.

3. After the new account and password are created, just click on your user ID from the tree that presents when you press the Windows button in the lower left corner. There will be a popup to show you other accounts/user IDs that have permission to use the device/log onto the computer.

4. Select your new user ID, log in with the password, and a new user desktop will be presented. Since you already have Midnight Castle downloaded to the device, there will be a MC icon on the it and you will be delivered to the beginning of a new game using a new game ID.

******Note: ....You do not have to log out of the main account; you can be logged onto two different accounts at the same time; but you cannot be logged into and be using both accounts at the same must alternate.

******Additional note: You will want to be logged out of Midnight Castle from one user account before moving to the other one to avoid confusing your device and causing game file corruption.....I also believe if you try to log in to MC from another user account while still logged in on another one that MC will give you an error message and not open.

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Sadie (Sadie700)

From: Sadie (Sadie700)


My hubby had to get a new computer as his died.  This was at the time of Big Fish's game manager update.  It took several times to get the game manager right by uninstalling and re-installing it.  Finally with that right, we tried to download Midnight Castle.  It stated that it was downloaded, but we could not access the castle either by the shortcut or by the game manager.  We click on the castle and all it does is close out the game manager and there still is no castle.  Any suggestions?  By the way, his computer is on Windows 11.


From: LvlSlgr


You may have already thought of this, but you didn't mention it in your post. Since you have the Game Manager installed, did you try to uninstall Midnight Castle through the Game Manager and then reinstall it? With the update for the Winter Event a lot of us couldn't get that update and had to do that. Try it if you haven't done that already.

Sadie (Sadie700)

From: Sadie (Sadie700)


Thanks for the suggestions.  Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled it through the game manager and through the windows uninstall app.  At least 5 times each way.  I also went on the BF questions and answers and did the "set as Administrator" things in certain files they said to access.  The BF tech that I asked for help, was no help.  In fact, after the 4th time back and forth and it still didn't work, he got p.o.'d and just gave me a one sentence reply that did nothing but really tick me off.  I think he was not happy about working on New Year's Eve, but still, he didn't have to be so bad, and should have at least handed me off to some one else who might have been able to help me.  As a result, my hubby still has no castle and when BF sent their help survey, he let them know he was not happy.  Like they really care anyway.

Ok not sure if this will help but when I got a new computer (a couple of years ago, and Windows 10) it came in S mode. I had to take it out of S mode in order to download certain apps and I think Midnight Castle is one of them. 


From: LvlSlgr


Oh! I forgot about that. I had to do the same with my new laptop that I got a little over a year ago. 

Good suggestion!

Sadie (Sadie700)

From: Sadie (Sadie700)


Ok, what is S mode?