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Missing friend *Breezy*   Friends

Started Jan-9 by LvlSlgr; 559 views.

From: LvlSlgr


I noticed yesterday that my MC friend *Breezy* (game ID ***219) is now missing. We've been friends for a really long time. (I'm not sure why I assume *Breezy* is a woman.) I didn't have her marked as being a forum member, but I was wondering if anyone else here had this friend who is suddenly gone. When I search using her game number nothing comes up. Sounds like maybe she lost her game and was reset to Level 1. I also searched for *Breezy* and found someone but the game ID is too low for anyone who may have had to restart their game with a new ID.

Was hoping my game would open correctly and i could see if she showed up,

but i lost my game....bounced back to level one with same id. scream


From: datsalotta


I just looked on all my MC games and no *Breezy. This disappearance must have just happened recently.

I would pm her but have not pm'd with "her" before.

Anyone else know of this player??


I also had her as a friend and yes she went missing from my game on the 7th.


From: LadyAstra



    She's gone from my game as well.  I searched for her number and nothing came up.  It's like her game wasn't reset to Level 1, but rather completely disappeared from the servers.



From: LvlSlgr


LadyAstra, I'm not certain, but I think if they're set back to Level 1 then they won't show up when you search their ID number because at that level they're not eligible to have friends. They would need to get up to Level 6 to show up.

I don't know Breezy, but am wondering about these players who are usually very active but are still showing previous event rooms

Cindy 4 digit number ending in 9

Jade **017

SA **669

Lillicat, Rosecat & Dash Cat (all one player)

Goga O and their other game

We have been playing together for some years but only have contact during the game.

Susie, I am sorry you have lost your game, you are a long time friend of mine and I hope you get back soon.

I didn't intend to hijack this thread, but lots of players seem to have just stopped playing.

Thanks, am trying to get back...BF contacted me right away.