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christmas event   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jan-10 by frankie563; 599 views.

From: frankie563


not getting any  of the eggs required for the christmas pets do we get these eggs?

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Hi Frankie

You need to do the daily quests. You can also try the the Wheel of Fortune and put them on your wish list. You also need to play the Private room HOSes of your friends.

There are only 2 pets (Scarlet Buddy and Holiday Guest) to craft for the Christmas Event and you get those eggs by doing your friends Christmas Room 4 (the bar scene). If you are wondering about Warm Fluffy and Comfy Friend those are from the cancelled Fall Event and should be available next year (unless you want to purchase the necessary items to craft them). 


From: Tickledtrout



If you have crafted the Christmas pets you will not get any more eggs.

I started another game, did not craft the pets and you will get the eggs for finishing the request.

Hope this helps.



From: Honeyphan


Same here -

I accidentally crafted the fire rooster in my main for the CC yesterday, but can still collect it in my baby games. Once you collect, (if you don't plan to craft any of them) or even if you do, - be sure and give them to the consortium. If a Christmas egg is in your inventory, that specific one will not fall any longer - and it's always fun to see how many you can collect. :)