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Nightly Inventory Tracker Document   Achievements and Musings

Started Jan-11 by Lisadengel; 565 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this because it really should go in a Miscellaneous type of folder.

Anyway, I've attached a document I created in MS Word which is a nightly inventory tracker.  I update this every night before I log off in case I lose my game.

If you are interested, I hope you can open it and print it out and it is useful to you.  If you can't open it, and you are comfortable with me emailing it to you, please PM me with your email and I will be happy to send it to you.

On the Pets section, it's basically a chart with a template in each box where you can type over the Pet Name, # bags of food, type of food, and % of silver and gold.  What I do on mine is I color code it.  For instance, if a pet gets 4 simple food bags, I type it as 4 Simple, and then I happen to color the font of the word "Simple" in a brown.  On the blue and pink food, I color code the words "blue" and "pink" accordingly, and the same for the green and red.  The red paw bags I color code red.  What I do after I input a pet, I choose the pets that give the best percentage of gold chests and I highlight the pet's name and the gold % so I can quickly see which pet is the best for that food type.

If you have any questions, just let me know!  Hopefully this will be helpful for people who like to keep track of this stuff.  When games are lost, they always ask how many coins, diamonds, level, and other items that you have a lot of, for instance.

Have a great day!



From: mrssharon18


 Very much like your inventory sheet.  I was searching for info on pets as the key word and it pulled your spreadsheet up.  I will definitely find this useful!

My main question that got me here is does anyone have an info sheet of the pets and what types of food they use?  Trying to make selections on creating some pets and I keep getting ones that only use common food.  Would like a few to go with the special (blue and green) foods.

Thanks in advance!