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My MC Spreadsheet   Technical Issues

Started Jan-14 by Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom); 273 views.

So during my time away from playing MC I took the time to create a spreadsheet that can help players keep track of all their inventory in their game. The spreadsheet has separate sheets for different aspects of the game.

Sheet 1-HOSZZ Items                                                                          

Sheet 2-Crafted Items  

Sheet 3-Pets

Sheet 4-Other Items (Eggs, Stamps, Airship Items, Misc)

Sheet 5-Avatars

Sheet 6-Achievements

Sheet 7-Event Items

Sheet 8-Spring Album

Sheet 9-Fall Album

Sheet 10-Winter Album

Here is what one sheet looks like:

I haven't yet made a sheet for the Private Rooms because I haven't opened/bought a lot of the items in those rooms. When I do I'll add a sheet to my spreadsheet. Also, I didn't put Coin or Diamond amount lines in the spreadsheet because I keep track of that elsewhere, but if someone wants to add that they can.

I will also add that I'm only on Level 80 so I went by what I had in my inventory and then used other sources to put together my lists, so I may have missed something. 

I did send this spreadsheet to another player, she was able to open it, edit it and save it. 

This is just a template I created, you can edit it to make it your own. I'm going to attach the spreadsheet to this post but I don't know if it will work for all players. If anyone would like a copy they can send me a PM and I'll email it to them.

I have also created 2 documents, 1 has pictures of HOS/ZZ Items and 1 has pictures of Crafted Items. Once again they're only from what I have in my inventory, I'll have to update it as I level up. This is what one of them looks like:

If anyone is interested in these, send me a PM and I'll send you a copy.

Keep stormin' the castle!!

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