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WHERE'S DEBBIE????   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started Jan-27 by SharpEye1; 707 views.

From: SharpEye1


Has anyone heard from Debbie lately?  I'm concerned because I've been emailing her but have not heard back, which is not like her at all.  I do hope everything is ok with her!



From: PenWeb


I also have been concerned because Debbie, as our Consortium "leader" she usually has something about the latest Event, but she didn't for the Winter Event.

Hope she is OK.

Penny B.

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: misstracy22



I’m not stepping in for Debbie. I wouldn’t dream of that. As I couldn’t say anything as well as Debbie. Only I would like to say. This Winter Event has had it’s ups and downs for some players. Slightly delayed. Not quite what was expected and those few glitches. 

It was for me a very welcome event, after not having a Autumn Event. I completely understand that it must have been so difficult to achieve anything with the constraints of Covid on so many around the world. The affects of which will be felt for such a long time in the future. 

It was so good to see so many of my friends playing again in the castle and so many friends supporting others on the forum. The graphics in the private room made me smile, while I tickled the ginger folks. Which made them giggle. The CC was as always a challenge and as usual I found myself wondering if I would ever mange some of those. 

This game brings us together from far and wide. Isn’t that magic. The forum holds us together with our own laughter and tears which we share. 

In closing of my ramblings, thank you to everyone. Who have tried so hard to make this Event. Also if anyone has spare eggs please donate to consortium members to help the younger ones.

Hugs to everyone,



From: Honeyphan


I also was just thinking about her the other day, and praying, in case anything is wrong...

I hope she is okay. <3

Tracy - a beautiful post, and so true...


From: misstracy22


Thank you Honey,

Letters, words and numbers really don’t work well for me. They usually are a jumble. Like a load of wet washing. So thank you for your words.

I think if we join together with prayers as friends on here do so well. To help keep Debbie safe and hope that she is well. That in no time she will be back on here keeping us so supported and making us all smile again.

Hugs, Tracy pray