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Friends Of Randy   Friends

Started May-13 by Randytb; 1295 views.

From: Randytb


Fiends Of Cap Randy

Hey all I made a boo boo lol what else is new lol

I got my date for the hospital May 19 and I took my wish list down for now but silly me wiped out my name and put in Be Back Soon so if you see that you will know it is me/

And again Ada * sharpe eye will keep you updated on my silly but

Please be safe all and will be back on as soon as I can and bty way I opened a Spring Room for you all to use  #5 I think

Have fun will join you as soon as I can

No probs Randy,  figured out quite easily that it was you when you seemed to vanish from my friends.   Hope you're up and running again soon.


From: Randytb


Thank you  brain is on over load right now

Ada will keep you updated and I will be on as soon as I can typing one hand one finger lol

Be safe


From: SharpEye1


Hi everyone,

Just a little reminder that Cap  Randy's surgery is tomorrow morning.  So, I'm asking for the MC Family's support and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Ada heart_eyes

In reply toRe: msg 4

From: SharpEye1


Hi everyone,

I just spoke to Donna and she said Randy's surgery went well and that he should be home in a day or two (possibly today).  But the doctor did say he'd be in a lot of pain and he gave him a long list of things he cannot do for at least three months.  Other than that, she said Randy was in good spirits.

Ada heart_eyes

Good to hear it has gone well.   Hope he is back on his feet sooner rather than later.

Gertie (Gertie0513)

From: Gertie (Gertie0513)


Hello and Thanks so much for the update..Good to know Randy is doing OK



From: SharpEye1


You're welcome!  I did speak to Randy today and he's doing well.  Although he did come home to a blackout that lasted a few days.  He said to let everyone know how much he appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers! heart_eyes


Great to hear he's back home, albeit in the "Dark" so to speak.