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Need friends   Friends

Started May-17 by Dez1965; 980 views.

From: Dez1965


Hello everyone I use to play but my computer broke in 2020 now i finally have a new one and I had to start a new game from the beginning i have an email out to tech hopefully they can restore my game if not I'm still going to play and it will just take along time to get where i was.  So to get to the point I need friends please send invites My ID 929009  thank you

Hi Dez,

Sent you an invite, we were friends back in the day!!



From: Dez1965


Yes thank you i'm glad to be back no answer if they can restore my game so here i go i'm at level 10 

I actually still have your old game showing because it has one of the Fall rooms showing and I’m able to visit that room when the event occurs. 


From: Dez1965


I wonder how I can get it back 

I made it to level 13 now but can't get trina to give enough keys she keeps wanting me to send airships 


From: Dez1965


should I unlock spring room 4 or do you think there will be a new room to open I have to be very selective with my trina keys.

If you contact Big Fish or Elephant Games and give them your old game id along with your new one they should be able to transfer your game. However, they can't transfer your friends so I would write down their id numbers so that you can invite them back to your game should it be successfully transferred. If you need your old id, send me a PM and I'll send it to you.

As far as Spring Rooms, I would wait to see what happens with the Spring Event before wasting a key.


From: Dez1965


I did contact them i gave them my old id number but still haven't heard back.  thanks 

Both Big Fish & Elephant Games?




Hi Dev,

Sending requests from TUGUM, PlayerTGM & Dusty. 

Hope that you are able to get your old game back.