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Looking for gma6   Friends

Started May-19 by NoShoeLaces; 388 views.

From: NoShoeLaces


I’m looking for player “gma6”, are you on the forum?  You’re on my friends list but listed twice, both are on level 114 and have the same avatar.  One ID ends in 5490 and one ends in 2720.  Are both these players the same person and active?  They’re both green.

Thank you


From: Grandmasix


Yes, both games are active.  A few months ago I got a new iPad because my old one suffered a really bad drop, resulting in it becoming bent.  I was afraid it could  stop working at any time. I started a game on my new iPad, played to level 17, and asked Big Fish for the transfer. It ended up with both iPads being at level 17!  Luckily I had taken some pictures of my inventory because of all the problems the game was experiencing, and Big Fish rebuilt my game the best they could.  To my surprise, they restored both iPads to level 111.   So I’ve been playing on both, until my old one stops working. I only have a wish list up on one.  Sorry for such a long explanation!        


From: NoShoeLaces


Wow, bent the iPad, huh?  That’s quite the drop for it to bend.  Ok, thanks for your response.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing double