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Boy who holds the items in the puzzles   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started May-23 by Lisadengel; 1328 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi All, 

Has anyone noticed a pattern about the little boy who passes the gift behind his back during the puzzles?  I thought maybe it depended on the item itself.  I had tried to keep track but it was so hard to make any heads or tails of it.  It's frustrating because you would think that if you watch the hands go up and down if you pay attention to the starting hand, it should be in the hand he stops on.

I posted a few weeks ago about patterns that work for me most of the time regarding the daily gift boxes, so I thought someone might have some trick they figured out.

Have a great day!


        Since the winter event I have been playing 24 puzzles per day and I have never noticed a pattern.  I just pick the same hand all the time.  Mostly I get the diamonds, sometimes I get 3 items, sometimes just the coins and once in a blue moon, an egg.   I mostly quit after my first loss, sometimes I have a senior moment and play on, never use diamonds to keep playing.

        I choose 3 random letters of the alphabet and play for those items until I have managed to get them all,  it takes a few days, but I manage it and have built up my diamonds nicely, ready for the next event.


From: AEGram


I've seen no pattern. 

Like Tixie Belle, I choose the same hand all the time.

I play for the "Castle Six" as I call them: Torch, Raven Stone, Winged Amulet, Forge Key, Shard of Stone, Murderer's Eye which are the only Zoom Zones in the game that require just one item to open.

These 6 item, in quantity, can be very helpful during Castle Challenges that ask you to open X amount of ZZs in the task. (I don't use those ZZs when the Castle Challenge asks for you to use X number of items to open ZZs, though.)

Also, those 6 items will be placed before the you get 2 chances to win the first one listed.

I will put three on my item list and play until I lose. Sometimes I lose both the first try and the free second try; sometimes I win the item on the second try. There have been times that I will get all 3 items, which is nice.

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From: LvlSlgr


I agree, there is no pattern.

Myself, I always pick the opposite hand that the item was in before it went behind his back. I've never kept track of it, but I would say I'm probably right about 60% of the time. Maybe better. That just seems to work for me and everybody has their own way of playing. LOL

I only recently started doing the puzzles again. I had recently completed the 10-part DQ achievement, so now I'm working on the 2 Trina achievements and thanks to a tip from AEGram (only pack & send a 300+ airship) I need diamonds to call back the airship, as needed. Anyway, back to the puzzles and the "brat". Since I'm only playing for the diamonds I type "ph" into the search box, a choose Prophetic Eyes, Magma Sphere and Phoenix Egg (that way the diamond is right after the coins. I always choose the hand on the right side (which would be the brat's left) and quit after I've either won the diamond or used all my free chances. Even when I used to play for items I quit while I was ahead. Lately I've been trying to play all the puzzles in one day, a couple of times a week. I can say that I average getting the diamonds from 49-52 of the 68 puzzles. 

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From: Lisadengel


So just to clarify, 

LvlSlgr, you always pick the opposite hand from which it started;

Tammy 27, you always pick the boy's left hand (on our right);

and Trixie Belle and AEGram, when you say you always pick the same hand all the time, does that mean you always pick the hand the item starts in, or does that mean you will always pick his left hand or his right hand no matter where the item starts?

Thanks for the help!!

Lisadengel said:

Tammy 27, you always pick the boy's left hand (on our right);

That's correct!!

       I always pick the hand directly opposite me as I face the computer, the boy's left hand.  It recently occurred to me, after all these years that I am picking what is my own left hand, the one I write with.   Subliminal inclination, I guess.   

        Regarding my choice of item, 99% of time I have the diamond first.   This morning (Friday here), I did 8 puzzles, won 25 diamonds, 4 items and a unique stamp.   

No worries.  Just play as it suit