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Achievements Section   Achievements and Musings

Started May-28 by NoShoeLaces; 415 views.

From: NoShoeLaces


Not sure if I’m posting this in the correct category but when I lost my game I also lost all the Achievements I had accomplished.  I’m trying to recall what action needs to be done to complete the Achievement that says “Convert items into Magic Shards”.

I’ve played umpteen HOS and am only showing that I did 1/100 in this category & I’m not sure how I even got that one.

What do I need to do in the game to get more?

Go into your inventory, click on an item and you'll see the option to Sell (for coins) or Disenchant (for shards).  


From: NoShoeLaces


Thanks!  It’s weird because Achievements was showing that I did one already when I know I didn’t.  Maybe they gave me a freebie.

From AEGram's MC Guide, there are 2 achievements dealing with magic shards:

Magic Miser
1. Collect 1000 magic shards – 5 diamonds
2. Collect 50,000 magic shards – 10 diamonds
3. Collect 100,000 magic shards – 20 diamonds     

1. Convert 100 items into magic shards – 3 diamonds
2. Convert 1,000 items into magic shards – 10 diamonds
3. Convert 5,000 items into magic shards – 25 diamonds


From: AEGram


NoShoeLaces said:

am only showing that I did 1/100 in this category & I’m not sure how I even got that one.

When the private room and Trina were introduced at Level 13, the game gave you a Golden Key to unlock the original/first private room.

They also walked you through going to your inventory and disenchanting something to show how to get a shard (I believe it was a Rune Stone, which really irritated me because they are in such short supply in the beginning of the game).

In the beginning, Trina asks for only a few shards in her quests; as you do more of them and advance levels, she increases the amount she wants until she gets to the maximum she requests, which is 200 shards.