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black screen freeze in game   Archives

Started 6/8/18 by MCDeeDee; 2146 views.

From: MCDeeDee


I've had a black screen freeze up my MC game (and computer) recently. This has happened 3 times and it occurs after I've completed a HOS and collect my item. I've tried Ctr.Alt.Del. with no results. I was able to get back to my desktop 1 of the 3 times with the Windows button. My cursor moved on the screen but nothing would load when I clicked on it. Had to do a hard shutdown.  I have a friend who is experiencing this same issue on her MC game (has Windows 10 also). I have sent in a ticket to support. My friend and I have the same cable service and I'm beginning to wonder if there may be an issue with them also. I am NOT very tech savvy. Anyone else having these issues or suggestions for help? 



Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

It happens to me occasionally but only when I'm jumping back and forth between MC and programs I have open on my other monitor using Alt-Tab. Generally I can get the Task Manager open on my other screen and End Task MC.     Sorry :(


From: Aynasha


MCDeeDee said:

...Windows 10 also). I have sent in a ticket to support...

My MC games have been freezing a lot since the Windows 10 April 2018 Update too.  Not exactly like you and your friend.  Similar.  Usually at launch.  I play on one monitor with 12 Windows accounts.  I'm frozen out of Task Manager so I either ctrl+alt+del to Sign Out or to Switch User and end MC (and BF, as needed) processes from another Windows account's Task Manager, Details tab (TY AEGram).

Please let us know what response you get from BF!  

I'm copying this to the EG Support discussion and pointing EG to it to see if there's any updated info from EG on this.

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From: Anglesey


I've been getting the black (or nearly black-I can make out the scene but it's very dark) screen freeze for the past week or so. It usually happens when I'm doing a Trina task and click on the button in her pop-up to take me to another HOS /ZZ. Seldom happened before and I've been playing years. The only other programme I have running is my browser, Firefox. Unlike you,  I'm on Windows 7 Pro.

I *am* able to Ctr Alt Del out of it and use Task Manager. 


From: MCDeeDee


Thanks and I will let you know what tech support has to say.

I do the same thing cindykat.  I put it down to overloading the demands we make of our laptops/PCs.  (Hell I remember dial-up - *shudder*).

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

Now I know Jenifer said we could say pretty much anything but "dial-up"? That's a real swear word LMAO

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Had freezes or more often slow downs on my windows 7 laptop. Especially when changing between MC and other programs, at start and when using the search function. After the update the problem seems to have gone (for now).

It did not seem to be related to number of open tasks, cache size or internet connection. I had sometimes no problems with cpu near 100% and clocked up cache and then a particularily bad spell when cpu was only at 30%, cleaning program just finished on a reset pc.

It was particularily annoying since I wanted to finish a 10 parter with the help of an amulet - took me about 15 min to craft 5 items and quest time had run out before I could finish the last task. Boy, was I cursing... japanese_ogre triumph boom

I get the black screen winking in and out, but not when playing MC. Usually when just started up the laptop.  Then the Microsoft Solitaire collection will freeze and throw me out, usually in the middle of an event.  

Only get the black winking on the laptop, not the desktop, but I get thrown out of the Events on both machines.  



From: frankie563


oh you young kids....I remember before dial up.