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MamaRose1900/Liza Rose   Friends

Started Jun-3 by mamarose1900; 389 views.

From: mamarose1900


Hi, everyone!
I'm playing again after about 3 years. It's nice to play again. I'm enjoying the game and remembering why I played for so many years.

I'm a PC player. I'm sending gifts to anyone who is still in my friend list. And hoping to reconnect with players who used to be on my friend list. But I'm open to new folks, too. My ID# is still 854217.

Have fun stormin' the castle! 
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From: LvlSlgr


mamarose, I'll send you an invitation the next time I'm in the game.

We've been game friends a long time.  Will send an invite from Myrtle next time I'm in the game.  I have events only games, Cattipuss & Silky so will send invites from them at a later date.

Wondered where you were.  So nice to see you back.  I will invite you again.