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Leveling up   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jun-10 by anglegirl70; 699 views.

From: anglegirl70


Can anyone tell me if it is safe to level up any more right now.  I am on level 101.  Have been there fore a long time. Don't want to lose my game so I have just been sending what gifts I can and not trying to level up.  Just wondering what everyones thoughts are on this matter.  Thanks   Sandy.    Not sure where to put this so if someone could put it in the right place for me that would be super.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Sandy  smiley_cat

I am currently levelling up.  In the last week I have gone from level 108 and am now on level 112.  All has been fine so far.  I am not racing the levelling up - just doing a bit each day.  Like you, I stopped levelling up last October when players had a lot of problems with the update.  

I have you in my games.  Thank you for the gifts and I do hope you are getting the ones I send.  Since I have had my games restored I have been having the "please wait" issue - usually when I am in my social page gifting others so I lose a gifting spot each time I have to close out the game.  This issue does not seem to affect levelling up.

See you in the castle and stay safe.

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia


From: AEGram


I'm not doing levels, but my iOS game seems to be more stable.

I've accidentally forgotten to close out of the game and it doesn't hang up when gifting friends like it did when there were issues.

I've also been able to be in the game for over an hour without it having a slow response when closing an HOS.

But, I still close out the game each night before going to bed.

I haven't played on the PC game, so I can't say whether that game is more stable. Although, I didn't really have issues when I was leveling up to get the statistics.


From: anglegirl70


Hi Dot. I have been receiving stuff from you.  Thank you so much.