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June 24 platform update   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jun-21 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 781 views.

Considering the issues so many had when new content was added last October, the new platform update worries me. I plan to take my wish list down on the 23rd and not go back to game until 25th. I will check here to see if there are any problems. 


From: monkeymomMC


Which platform is being updated?  Or is it all of them?



From: LvlSlgr


Where did you see that there is going to be an update on June 24th????

When I log off I get this message that there will be a platform update on June 24. It implies there will be a lot of cool stuff. 

I don't know. I play on PC. 



I know that Big Fish has been teasing changes to Big Fish Game Club since earlier in the year along with changes to their website. They were supposed to take effect May 23, but now the target date is June 27. 

This is from their website:

Important Changes are Coming to Big Fish!

Updated 8 hours ago

Exciting changes are coming to the Big Fish Games platform in 2022!

Update! These changes are now scheduled for 6/27.

Big Fish Community,

We’d like to share more fun details regarding the upcoming platform update!

Planned changes will take effect May 23rd, and any active Game Club credits you have will be converted to Big Fish Points at that time. To review your Game Club status, log into your account page. 

More details are now included in our NEW Game Club and Big Fish Points help articles.

Please also review our updated:

Terms of Use

Big Fish Game Club Terms of Use

Big Fish Points Terms of Use

Other updates to the Big Fish website are also on the horizon and we’ll be sharing those details with everyone soon!

We are currently targeting late May for these changes and will keep you updated as we progress. Please check back frequently for more details and sign up for the Game Splash newsletter to be the first to know.

Happy Gaming!

The Team at Big Fish

These changes have nothing to do with Midnight Castle.

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