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New Update   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jun-27 by TinyFaerie; 6440 views.

From: Sukretz


Well, that is what I expected would happen when I transferred the game, but instead, the game ID remained the same.  I now have a game with the same ID number on two laptops.  I would love to delete the game on the old one, but ONLY if it will in no way affect the game on the new laptop.  


From: AEGram


If I understand the game files correctly, the only thing housed on YOUR computer is your game ID (to tell the BF servers which game to deliver to you and your friends list. So, if you delete the game on the old theory, if the previous statement is totally true.....there is no harm to your game files on the BF servers.

You could run an experiment as a "fail safe" ..... you could go to your AppData\Roaming\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle folder and copy that folder to some place on your computer.....either create a "temp" folder on your C: drive; save it (temporarily) to your desktop; save it to a thumb drive.

Delete the game from that old laptop; check the game on the new one to see if everything is there.

If all is on the new computer to your satisfaction, you can then go back to the location where you saved the MC folder and delete it. 

(AppData is a hidden folder, so you cannot navigate to that folder. Do a Google search to see how to unhide your folders on your PC)

For those who keep track the PROD number has changed, it now ends with 2456. The Client and Content ending numbers are still the same.  This probably just means that they're getting the game ready to go back to normal after the "Spring" Event.




Have a question, in the new BIGFISH is there an alphabetical listing for our purchased games. Help from anyone Please. 

Thank you KNIMtheTOAD

hope everyone is feeling well and are happy


From: Hirento



On Bigfish website, I only found my purchase history by order date, with my most recent orders first on the list.

But if I go to the Game Manager, to my Purchase History, I can sort them by either game title (i.e in alphabetical order), by order date, or by activation status.

You have to click on the little arrow in the search box to get the pull-down menu.

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You are my hero. Thank you.