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New CC 6-29-22   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jun-29 by Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom); 3577 views.
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From: Moonki


On my tablet I won against the Knight quickly. On my ipad I have played 9 times and won i time! Frustrating! Moonki 

But that's all it is ---- a resource grabbing, unimaginative, time consuming, and colossally boring exercise in futility. There is zero "fun" in doing the CCs. And that has been true for a very long time.

Nut as long as players participate, they will not change a thing ---- and to me it is unbelievable that so many keep doing the CCs ---- for what? 3 more avatars they likely won't use?

So glad I stopped giving up my resources to this a very long time ago.


From: Playbelle


PTG (anotherPTG) said:

My poor failing eyesight due to that d****d acorn!

I know! I'm not liking this new trend for microscopic HOS items in the last few game updates. If the goal is to make it more challenging, they failed. It's just more frustrating. Serious eye strain after awhile.

I hope they go back to reasonably-sized items for future updates. I can't imagine that anyone actually enjoys the microscopic ones. Worse than that invisible hummingbird in Spring Room 4 (Japanese-themed Spring Room).

Back the the CC topic: Has anyone else noticed that they want 20 (TWENTY?!) Runes on one of the challenges? That's going to take forever! I've never seen such a huge ghost request for a single challenge. I think maybe it was a typo and they meant to ask for 10 Runes, but even 10 would be a big ask.

Still, even with my gripes, I'm so glad MC released the Spring Event! Better late than never (like last Halloween). I'll take it.  relaxed

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From: AEGram


LvlSlgr said:

One good thing is that it's the only day that requires sending the airship.

Actually, this (for me) is the worst of it.

1. I will be on vacation and unable to play many of the days during the CC

2. Airship items are such a precious commodity that I'm loathe to waste them just sending them off by themselves. I always try to couple their sending with a Trina quest. With 5 needing to be sent on one day, I must play, play, play Trina's quests to get 5 that will request wheels. Sometimes, her quests are heavily slanted toward wheels, and other times she asks for them every 5th or 6th one. 

With this task falling on Day 23, that leaves few days for stretching out the task to pair it with Trina before the end of the CC.


From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

With this task falling on Day 23, that leaves few days for stretching out the task to pair it with Trina before the end of the CC.

I got lucky and was able to pair the first four airships with Trina. It just fell that way. I might have been able to do the last one if I'd been more patient. She wanted 20 of the ZZs with the postcards and I did that. Then she wanted 50 HOS with 200 shards and I did that. Then she wanted 20 ZZs and 50 HOS ... that's when I gave up. I decided I could send one without Trina joining in on the fun.

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From: LvlSlgr


Darn! Yesterday was Day 28 for this Spring Event CC - Beat "Rustle" Troll at dice 5 times. So last night I won 2 out of 3 attempts. Then this morning I tried and again won 2 out of 3. So I only needed one more. I decided to not waste any diamonds and wait it out. So tonight I tried - thinking I've got this one - and I lost all 3! 

I guess I'll go ahead and pay up to get another chance at it. Because who knows how long it will take to find those carousel horses. 

I used the diamonds to recall the dice table.  Took me 3 lots of diamonds to get to the end.  I have played the puzzles consistently to win enough to be able to do that.  


From: LvlSlgr


Oh, I've got plenty of diamonds ... I just don't use them unless I absolutely have to. LOL

Of course, after using the diamonds to be able to play again, I won on the first game. I went ahead and played the other two so that tomorrow I'll be starting off with the full 3.

And it didn't take me that long to get those carousel horses. So I'm ready to tomorrow.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I used amulets to get the horses and even then it took a while.


From: LvlSlgr


I didn't buy that amulet when it was available. Of course, I had no idea it would be one-time thing. Oh well ... As it turned out, it didn't take me long to get those carousel horses.