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Started Jul-5 by Akjules; 923 views.

From: Akjules


I've been playing Midnight Castle for a little over 4 years now and I'm appalled with the lack of commroderie and joint game play! I had assumed that the people I accepted into my circle were at least somewhat interested in playing the game.  The game is all about accumulating coins, diamonds, stamps, etc. So why would you not access all rooms available to you during an event?!!!!  I have at least 10 "friends" who never change their rooms during an event yet I know they're active  players!  Do they not know that all rooms are available to them? I find that hard to believe. Are they lazy? Why are they even playing?Anybody have any suggestions?


From: Honeyphan


Unfortunately, there are those who click into a room and then when clicking back to the spring room do not change a piece of furniture - to reset the game to recognize that room for other players. They see the spring room - other players see the room they were just in, which is often a non-seasonal room.

Then there are those who when they are finished playing for the day/event, switch to a room with no HOS - which is selfish, I agree, since other players need their room.

There are also those who just don't care.

My advice? - Give them a little time- many don't know that a spring event has even started, since we are in summer, and some only come during the events. I am giving it 2 weeks with my main game - if they have not switched to a room that has a HOS, I will delete them, to make room for others who are considerate players.

If they have a non-seasonal HOS - like Christmas - I keep them but ONLY if I can see they are not playing the game currently. They just might not have come to see the event, or daily life has prohibited them from playing - but if I see they have a new spring pet or avatar or anything else that alerts me that they are currently playing - and I see they can surely afford one of Trina's keys to switch to a current event room - I give them a few days. If they have not switched I delete them.

If you need spring rooms, be sure and check out my rooms for event thread - I have 4 spring rooms available, besides my main game. :)  With those games, I never delete - players can stay forever or leave any time - because I only play them during events, and then usually only here and there... that said: I try to check them every day or every few days for invites. But if I know ahead of time someone has asked to join, I'll jump over to those accounts and accept them into the fold. ;-)


From: Playbelle


I get frustrated with people like that too, but I try to remember not all players will seek out chat rooms to learn more. The game itself doesn't really provide a lot of instruction and updates aren't automatic (at least not on a PC). So, like Honeyphan, I give everyone a couple weeks. Also, I don't rotate myself for the first two weeks in order to give all my friends a chance to earn the new pet eggs quickly. After that, I rotate.

Things you can do: 1. Edit your game name to include "Update" so they know that a new update can be installed. 2. Edit your private room names or game name to include "Rotating" so they will get the hint that this is possible and a good thing to do. Click on the pencil icon next to the game name or room name to edit. You may have to get creative about abbreviating. Several of my friends do at least one of these and it seems to help.

Some people just won't be educated though. Personally, I don't mind if they don't rotate as long as it's an active HOS room. If they are too selfish/ignorant to understand that they need to at least keep a seasonal event room with an HOS open for the whole event, I delete them and search the forum for new friends. I don't need people who get on my nerves in the game, we all have plenty of those in real life. At least in the game we can just delete them and move on. wink


From: Akjules


Thanks Playbelle! Honeyphan too. I didn't know i could edit my room names! I knew I could edit my avatar name,which I have done in the 

   I know I probably sounded like a whiny baby in my post but I let my frustration get to me. Out of 25 friends only 2 rotate their games. I just don't see how my other friends wouldn't know you could rotate since they see a different room every four hours when they click on my name.

   In any case, thanks again for the suggestion and for responding. Have a great day and enjoy the game!

For the first couple of weeks I keep to the new room for which ever event is on to give players a chance to get the items they need for the new pets, then I will rotate the rooms on a daily basis.  These days I can only play once a day.  On my two active other games, I usually only play them on weekends if I am lucky, but will go in and change them to the other rooms, hopefully on a weekly basis.  I have two other games beside those that I can no longer access so they will stay on whatever room they are on forever.

I seem to have a mix of friends I have been playing with since 2014 and some newer friends, so I try to keep it workable for all.  Sometimes it is not easy to keep everyone happy.


From: Akjules


Thank you for your insight. I should apologize and remember that others may not have the same luxury of time that I have to play, or at least to check in on my game every few hours. 


From: LvlSlgr


Akjules said:

since they see a different room every four hours when they click on my name.

Not everyone goes into their friends' private rooms every four hours. I have over 100 friends and I do well to go through those once each day. I don't have the time or the inclination to go back and check for other rooms off and on during the day. Perhaps you need to add more friends so that you have more private rooms to visit.

I've been playing MC since 2014.

These days I'm lucky to get to all the rooms every 3  days.   There just seems to be so much more to do, which sounds crazy since it's hard to go anywhere but home.  

I am probably playing way to many games.


From: LvlSlgr


I only play one MC game ... and that's plenty for me. I would go nuts if I was trying to play more than one. If I want to play more games, then I find something which challenges my brain. HOS games don't do that.

I've also been doing a lot more reading.

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From: AEGram


Regarding the rotation of rooms....It's just too much "maintenance" for me to keep up and/or remember to change the room at the beginning of each day.

Plus, I sometimes get in the game shortly after day change, sometimes it's an hour later, sometimes it's very late. There would be no set time for my friends to know when I'd changed the room.

It's easier for me to display the most current event room for the first half of the event and then switch to Spr Rm 2 because it has 3 HOSs that can be visited.

I figure most of my friends have gotten all they need from the current room, but they can then get a boatload of coins by being able to play 3 rooms on one single friend's private room area..................and......there's another reason why I display Spr Rm 2 during the second half of an event.

In SR 2, when you complete the HOS, you're guaranteed to get an event item (or a carrot)....there is no stupid 15 coins or single shard. AND those event items in SR 2 are worth 3 shards each, which comes in handy for Trina's quests that require 200 shards or for making room upgrades in my own private room. 

I don't complain about what room others choose to display. I don't delete them for not displaying an event room, but I do delete them if they've been inactive for several months. really is unfair to delete friends this Spring Event if they don't have up a Spring room because, frankly with it being so late, it's a wonder as many of my friends are displaying a Spring Room as there are. Some people gave up, changed to a Halloween Room, and left MC to pursue other interests for the remainder of the summer.

OH...and one final comment....While Spring Terrace in Spr Rm 1 only yields 50 coins, you're also guaranteed to get an item upon completion that's worth 3 shard each. Of course, if you get the carrot, that's only 1 shard but it's needed to capture all the floating objects...especially to those who weren't playing until recently.