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Midnight Castle Musings…?   Achievements and Musings

Started Jul-19 by RITA965; 4163 views.

From: RITA965


Caught up on the Spring Event earlier this year, I am not safe to have extra time on my hands…a quick run through the Castle, how is my count?

Achievements total……………….393

Events………….Spring…..18     Fall…..15     Winter…..18      ( no Fall in 2021?)


# Rooms……….96

Map……….13 lands

Private Rooms……….16

Castle Challenges……….too many to count!?

Rita….Loving the game!




From: RITA965


Looks like I have 182 avatars…missing 2 achievement avatars, yet to be bailed out, and 9 from 3 missed castle challenges.

So maybe 193 avatars were available since I started around 2015 ish…..??


From: AEGram


RITA965 said:

a quick run through the Castle, how is my count?

There are 193 avatars currently available in the game. This includes the "novice" and the 3 that remain unlocked from the Fall Event 2021 that was never released as well as Hero and Heroine from the Tournaments.

There are

100 locations (including Trina's Key Master Shop)

183 HOSs

269 ZZs

97 pets, including Champion

35 Castle Challenges

Edited to change the number of Castle Challenges.

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In reply toRe: msg 4

From: RITA965


Hi AEGram,

It was a quick reconnaissance and I needed oxygen after climbing Twisted Mountain so no second time ‘round the Castle grounds just now until I catch my breath, but love a puzzle…

Looks like I got 97 locations, forgot to include Trina’s Room in my 96 but still 3 short of 100.

HOSs short as well…missing 2, 181 to 183.

No excuses on the pups, although they were all in one room at the same time! I counted 93 well fed but probably forgot the 2 being born in the Fall—Comfy Friend and Warm Fluffy. That still leaves 2 M.I.A……Champion??

Avatars were the same at 193 but…..ZZs? Brain mis-function, help me out here?

Thanks AEGram, you made it a fun distraction to go on the hunt when time permits.


Champion the Ginger, or orange cat was a prize for the now defunct tournaments, so those of us who missed him will probably never get him.

ZZ is the shortened form for Zoom Zones, those areas where we put items we have collected from HOS, to make something else. 

Very easy to mislay the name of something for a short time.


From: RITA965


Thanks Trixie Belle!!

A true brain fog for me as I couldn’t make the connection…. ZZs…. Could have meant I was sound asleep ZZZZZZZ when I read it, LOL!!

Two mysteries solved…Champion sounds like a real winner as well, sorry it was missed!

If you have time, two more queries… how do I access emoticons on this forum…smiley faces, thumbs up, etc., and how to send a private message?

Much appreciated if you can but no worries….still trying to work on your brain power as tomorrow I am off to take care of my Mom for a month and otherwise mentally preoccupied…. Smiley face!

thanks again…Rita



In reply toRe: msg 4

From: RITA965


Hi Again AEGram,

I seem to get lost in these missives but after my response to you Trixie Belle was kind enough to clear up a couple mysteries. 

Will add ZZs, Zoom Zones…dah, to my hunt and let you know if and when I do…if you don’t mind and…I remember, Lol

Thanks again…It was fun!   Rita




From: AEGram


There are:

Castle -- 12 locations, 22 HOS; 35 ZZ (it should be noted that the Fire Altar was counted, but it goes away when the Wise Dragon returns at Level 73

Town -- 10 locations; 20 HOS; 33 ZZ

Cloud City -- 10 locations; 19 HOS; 30 Zz

Elvyn Forest -- 3 locations; 6 HOS; 9 ZZ

Dark Tower -- 6 locations (includes Dark Portal accessible from the Laboratory); 4 HOS; 20 ZZ

Harbor -- 4 locations (Includes Lighthouse); 5 HOS; 11 ZZ

Atlantis -- 4 locations; 8 HOS; 12 ZZ

Fairy Forest -- 3 locations; 6 HOS; 9 ZZ

East -- 8 locations; 15 HOS; 22 ZZ

Bone Kingdom -- 11 locations; 20 HOS; 29 ZZ

Northern Islands -- 8 locations; 16 HOS; 17 ZZ

Titan Town -- 12 locations; 24 HOS; 24 ZZ

Twisted Mountain -- 9 locations; 18 HOS; 18 ZZ

These numbers are from my notes....Please let me know if your addition is different from mine so I can make corrections.

Edited to correct typo for number of HOSs  and ZZs in Titan Town per Rita965's noticing the error. (I'd originally posted 16 for the number of HOSs/ 17 for ZZs there.)

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