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Chickened out!   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-26 by Catheryne (Catheryne3); 1463 views.

I have consciously given up on this Spring 2022 Castle Challenge - for the first time in a LONG while.  When I was first started Midnight Castle, I only played each challenge as far as I could while advancing my game - and that was ok.  I've completed every castle challenge since then just because I wanted to check them off my list.  (I earned the Werewolf a long time ago.)  This CC worried me, though: five airships in a row followed by two sets of two daily quests.  I have (just) enough airship items to send five ships (I'm at level 113) but not enough to spare if the daily quests included airships.  I'd be very cross indeed if I depleted all of my airship items getting that last avatar. What if I sent those five airships - and then got four airship quests in a row - or not enough carousel horses! - and I couldn't finish.  Those 20 Magic Runes nearly did me in; I only finished that because I was stuck in bed with covid and staring at the game groggily all day until a rune appeared was just about all I could manage :)

I can see that some of you are carrying on.  I have my fingers crossed for you!  I've sent out loads of chocolates to help where I can, and I have carrots and other spring event items to gift.  Let me know how I can help.

Who is staying the course?  We might need to add a 'Spring 22 CC' thread to the Achievements folder!

~Catheryne (Consortium)

PS I am writing this to distract myself from the temptation to send five quick airships in a row to see if I can get back on track ;) Nooo!

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


I totally get the opting out option. The end of this CC is brutal, and I thought about stopping after stage 2 even though I have to date finished every single CC.

I don't think the quests have any airship items while the event is on. It's all catching flying objects, feeding pets, wheel of fortune, and crafting Spring Cake or Spring Wreath. At least it has been on mine. No airship quests to be seen since the event started.

I am going to finish it. I have plenty of coin and diamonds to deal with the two upcoming dice games, the two daily quests were actually fairly easy, and if necessary I can use the amulet to get the 10 carousal horses. I have depleted one of my airship items, but doing HOS and putting it on my wish list is helping to build it up again. I very rarely do daily quests, so just need to rebuild the airship inventory before autumn event starts and I'll be sweet. Also, I think the Avatar is quite different to any others we've had, so I want it.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


That's the spirit!

I know your frustration. I forgot to put the Chocolates on my wish list and it has taken me three days to catch up.

Those amulets are essential for me to progress!

I thought about giving up on this challenge after the 2nd Avatar, but decided to carry on.  I don't play all the rooms every day, so don't build up my items like some others do, but I get along okay.  A lot depends on how many friends you have for events to help in building up the airship items as you get a guaranteed item for every HOS you do.

As Wee Sam said, the event DQ's do not usually ask for airships to be sent so you would be pretty safe there.  The exception there is the one for crafting a Wreath of Spring and 100 wheels from airship.  My DQ's for the challenge involved Lords, Ladies, and Creatures egg. one each time, one for the Wreath of Spring and 100 wheels, and one other that I don't remember.  Can I plead Old Timer's for that lapse?  

Good luck whatever you decide.  The only right way to play is the one that suits you the best.

Hi Catherine:

I also will finish challenge. The 5 airships did put me off, but do all the HOS I can to receive more, plus friends been good to meblush

Been more generous with gifting airships for now. Place on wishlist, will gift those instead.tulipsunflowerfour_leaf_clover


From: Hirento


I have to admit that this spring CC has been a slog.

Usually I quite enjoy them, and never mind sending Airships, or finding X number of specific floaters, or even winning on the dice game.  I was fortunate to have purchased the Ghost cooldown amulet, and I have nothing else to use the Airship items or diamonds on. So spending them on a CC is fine by me.

This CC, however, has been different. I came to it late and felt I had to rush to catch up. Even with the Amulet it was a drag catching all those floaters, and then getting two find 3 Birds, 3 fish and 3 whatever -type Daily Quest tasks ...

To make it worse, I have been helping on my niece's game. She doesn't have an Amulet, and she doesn't have all that many locations open (just the Castle, a small part of the Village, and 3 locations in the Floating City). So collecting floaters is just so time-consuming.  With an amulet those tasks are maybe half an hour to do. Without an amulet it is all up to random luck.

Or unluck, as it happens.

I have tried the past 2 hours getting the last Horse and there is absolutely nothing I can do to influence what floater comes next.

Of course the game is designed to encourage you to spend real money on diamonds to speed up the game, I get that.

But lately the frustration this game is giving me does not make me want to "reward" the developers at all.

I am glad the CC is over tomorrow, so that I get a chance to relax a little and play the Event rooms. weary

If you play the G5 games you would see that we in MC are blessed in that we are not bombarded every 5 minutes , or so it seems, to buy stuff to help you progress.  It takes me several goes to complete one HOS and you are not guaranteed to get the item you need to complete the collection, not to mention getting the assemblers.

Just getting to start the day's play is a chore in itself, as you need to let several "intros' before you can start playing.  I think those games bring out my inner Masochist.   It is so long since I have heard or used that word that I had to look up how to spell it.


From: Hirento


Hi AnnaDownes,

yes this game is not the worst I know.

I don't play G5 games but have played a Matching-game on my phone. The same there as you describe, clicking and clicking through intros and messages before you get to the game itself. I don't play often, as I find that so annoying wink

Once you get to the games they can be quite fun to play.  The events on Secret Society are a nightmare as to get the avatars you need to play the same HOS at least 165 times, plus all the other HOS needed to get the event items to open the HOS.  To get the assemblers you need to play the event Match 3 games so many times I gave up counting them.  To open the event chest you need 500 items of the chest opener.  Needless to say I rarely make the Avatar level for that game.

Other games have events each month as well so you could easily spend 8 hours or more a day trying to get "prizes"  I don't worry anymore, just set myself a set amount of time to play each day and don't worry about the events, unless the prize is something I really want to achiever.  I could probably do the all the events every time if I was a millionaire, but unfortunately they won't take my monopoly money.


From: AEGram


Trixie Belle (AnnaDownes01) said:

As Wee Sam said, the event DQ's do not usually ask for airships to be sent

This is correct for the Fall and Winter events. But I've encountered DQs during the Spring event that ask for 100 wheels.