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3 new ghost achievements   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-28 by Angel_Pat (MCAngelPat); 436 views.

Hi, I was looking through my achievements and came across 3 new ones for strange shoes, holiday hats and carnival masks.  Not sure what seasonal event they are or were for.  I'm sure I've played all events as they ocurred but wasn't sure what these three "ghosts" were.  They were not listed in the Spring capture book.  I did do a search on the forum but could not find any mention of them.  Just curious if anyone knew about them.



From: LvlSlgr


Hi Angel_Pat, 

Those are the achievements from the 2021 Fall Event which we didn't have last year. If you recall, the update just prior to the Fall Event had problems with the changes in the CC and it caused a lot of problems. The main problem being that lots of players had all of their progress in the games wiped out as if they were just starting a new game. Because the developers were so busy trying to fix that problem, they didn't give us the update containing the Fall Event. However, when we finally got the update for the Christmas Event it was included, but of course we were unable to play it. We're all hoping that this year they'll just be able to turn that one on and not have to develop a new Fall Event.

Thanks.  I do remember the problems for the fall event.  I stayed off the game because of all the technical issues people reported.  I also noticed a couple of new pets which I thought may have been for the Spring event as both of them required eggs which I have never seen before (comfy friend and warm fluffy).


From: LvlSlgr


Comfy Friend and Warm Fluffy are also from the 2021 Fall Event.

The pets from the current Spring Event are Frog Fairy and Rabbit Bug.