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Crashing games on Janet / Isadora PC   Technical Issues

Started Sep-19 by kthreads; 842 views.

From: kthreads


Hi all,

I have had problems with my PC games Janet and Isadora crashing after working five or six HOSs or crafting. It's gotten worse over the last several weeks, I play only one or two HOSs and I crash. This has been going on since August.
I requested help from Big Fish only to have them close out my CS ticket before they even help me. They respond and say "Hi, I'm so-and-so and I can help you with that. Please send us screenshots." I explained that I can't send screenshot as the game literally goes black and straight to the Big Fish game manager page where you either click close or play again.  
No one ever replied back. Four days later, I replied asking if I could please have an update on the status of my gaming issue. A different CS rep responded that he could help me....  and he closed out my ticket. I wrote back explaining that my ticket had been closed, however, my gaming issue had not been resolved, could someone please check into it... No response.

I emailed Elephant Games directly from their support link on the Elephant Games website. No response ever to two emails sent three weeks apart. I have been trying to get help since August.

I don't understand this at all.  I'm not rude. I'm never abusive in any request for help. Just stated that my games keep crashing, that I've lost progress and items, could someone please check into my games and help me with fixing the issue. I get that with COVID personnel is low, but things are getting back to semi-normal.  Why am I not able to get any help from either Big Fish or Elephant Games.
I have been playing since Dec of 2014, I love the game and I am part of the consortium on both PC and Android games. But I am ready to quit. This is inexcusable that no one in Big Fish or Elephant Games will help.

So.... I am gifting out and receiving gifts, but can not play at all.  If I can't get help from Elephant Games and this issue resolved (although as they won't answer any help requests, I can't see how they will fix my game), I am done. Why keep a game I can't play and no one from either Big Fish or Elephant Games responds to requests for support? 
I've been with both the Big Fish forum since 2015 when I found that forum and  with Delphi since it was established. Y'all know me... I'm not one to vent. But I am so frustrated and do not know what to do. How do you get help when no one from either Big Fish or Elephant Games answers CS requests?


PC  Janet  /  Isadora

Android  jdmrgn / jd / janni


From: katiek2


Hi Janet, this is really concerning.  When I lost my game last October, I put in a support ticket to Elephant Games and got an immediate response from Mariya.  Is it possible she is based in Ukraine and maybe that office no longer exists.  In any case, here is her email:  mariya.mescheriakova [].  

 I hope this helps you.  She was able to restore everything I had plus a lot more.


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Just curious, because I’ve been having problems too. 
how do you know your ticket has been closed?  I’ve been going back and forth for a different issue that other players are having with the game not opening at all. 
How can you tell if they close your ticket?


From: kthreads


I apologize for not answering your message. I am just so frustrated and angry with both Elephant Games and Big Fish that I took a step away from anything related to the game. Well, I did go into my Android games and gift out. But that is all.

On both of CS tickets to Big Fish, I made sure I responded to that first canned message with all the not-helpful links and replied with : Thank you for responding. I do still need assistance with my issue of my two games on my PC crashing.

Then a live person got back to me saying "I can help you with this. Please send a screenshot with the error message." I explained that I couldn't send a screen shot, as my game just goes black and directly to the Big Fish 'play again' or log out page. I got no reply so four days later I replied to my email asking if I could please get an update on my issue of my game crashing.  I got another CS rep saying "I can help you with this." And that was all.... a couple days later, I got a canned email from Big Fish saying that my ticket had been closed and asked if my problem had been handled/rate the CS rep.  On both times I sent CS tickets to Big Fish this exact thing happened.

Elephant Games is just answering any emails sent to them via their website support email address.



From: kthreads


Hi Katiek

I have no excuse for not replying to your message and thanking you for the email address to try to get help. I was just so angry and frustrated I quit for a long while. Especially after someone from Elephant Games replied to my Facebook post saying they would check their email and get back to me via messenger. Nothing.

I have now written to the person you recommended and we'll see if it's still a viable email address and hopefully she is still there and will get back to me. Big Fish is no help at all. Like I stated in my original post, I could understand if I was rude or obnoxious but I never have been.



From: katiek2


No worries, Janet.  There is no way to tell if the EG employees that service us are in Ukraine or one of the other locations EG works from.  Like you, I hope she is OK and I hope she gets back to you asap.  If not her, then someone else.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Janet, Sorry I am just now seeing this.  This may sound silly but, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling those two games?  It has worked for me in the past, with no losses of friends, inventory, etc.