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Game lagging horribly   Technical Issues

Started Sep-28 by Suenamie5; 2598 views.

From: Suenamie5


I don't know what's up but both my games are lagging horribly. I'm still trying to get the 50 HOS from yesterday and it is like walking in quicksand! I tried doing a disk cleanup, defrag, uninstalling my game and reinstalling it. My other BigFish games are working fine?
I hate to contact BF again because I just spent a month getting my account fixed after they revamped the website. I could write a book with all the times I have contacted them in the 14 years I've had an account. Though it wasn't my MC games that last time.
Anyone have any ideas?
I play as Suenamie.
Well wishes to all!!

From: LadyAstra



        If this is a frequently recurring problem, as in every time you play the game, then you may need to contact Big Fish.  If it's an occasional problem, then it could be the automatic Windows 10 app updates.

        These aren't the big "Patch Tuesday" updates that happen on the second Tuesday of each month that require you to restart.  Those are for the operating system itself.  Windows 10 also automatically updates its apps whenever an update becomes available, and there doesn't seem to be any predictable pattern for when they update.  These apps include Microsoft Office, the Solitare package that comes with Windows 10, the default video and audio players; basically any Microsoft app.

        I have found that when my game slows down, which is rare, the problem is either that these updates are running in the background, or my antivirus is doing a check.  You can see either happening in the Task Manager.

        You can turn off the automatic updates, but then you would have to update them manually, and I know that I would forget.  I just stop playing for a bit and let the computer do its thing.



From: Suenamie5


Thank you for your ideas!  I did the task manager thing and there was nothing running in the background so I think I’ll need to contact BigFish again .  Maybe I’ll contact Elephant Games too.

Have an awesome day??


From: dairrr


when ever i run into my game acting as if it's in heavy syrup i always think ah ha their testing updates then in a few days give or take there's the update.the fix to some glitch perhaps both. and ah we have two fall events in 1 this year.. to look forward to!

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From: Suenamie5


True!  That happened to me a long time ago.

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From: Suenamie5


I did end up reporting my lagging issue to Big Fish.  I really hope that they will fix it before the Halloween event.  I'm taking a small break because it is horrible trying to do HOS scenes or actually anything with how bad the game is lagging!!

On a personal note, I have been really sick for 3 months now and could use any prayersprayheart_eyesmask.  In the last 3 months I have had 5 illnesses back to back.  It started with a flu that felt like a lighter Covid than the one I had January, though the test came up negative.  Then it went into my lungs and I had walking pneumonia, then tonsilitis, then Shingles and now I got Shingles again a month after I just had Shingles!!  

It's scary because I can't seem to get well.  I've been on 3 weeks worth of antibiotics and now my second course of antivirals for the Shingles.  Crazy!!!

Hugs to all of my friends here,

Sue (Suenamie)

I seem to be getting some sort of lag on all the games I play, not just MC.  It happens on my G5 games, Microsoft solitaire collection so I am wondering if there is some sort of internet problem all around the world.  I am in Australia, many of you are in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe.    

I could be completely wrong, but it is just a thought.


From: Suenamie5


That may be what’s happening.  It was crazy going through 50 HOS scenes with the lagging but it was the last couple days of the CC and I was determined .

In the past BigFish has fixed my game so I hope there are no problems!!



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From: susanlnels


Well BigFish just told me there is nothing they can do for my severe lagging problem and that maybe in a future update that will fix it.  So for whatever reason I no longer have MC games.  
I’ve been playing since the game was 6 months old but maybe it’s a sign I should move on.  The idea makes me sad but I’ll have no choice if the lagging doesn’t get fixed.

I have played with hundreds of different people over the years and I am so glad to have met so many kind and beautiful people here????????


From: AEGram


Just a thought that may work.....On computers running Windows, there's a hidden Temp folder that can cause issues.

Apps send info there and when new info is sent from that app, the old stuff is supposed to either get overwritten or ignored. But sometimes that doesn't happen.

Close out of all applications (so you'll want to make a copy of this and follow it from a piece of paper)

1. Go to Control Panel -- Select View by "Category" in the upper right corner.....then select Appearance and Personalization

2. The third item will be "File Explorer Options" .... choose the "Show hidden files and folder" item

3. That will bring up the "view" tab of File Explorer Options.....look at the folder indented: Hidden files and folders......choose the second button(circle) -- Show hidden files, folders, and drives .....also uncheck the box next to "Hide extensions for known file types" 

4. Close the Control Panel Window

5. Open Windows Windows (C:) under This on the "Users" on your user account for the PC.....

6. You should see the AppData folder slightly lighter than the other that one....then select the "Local" folder....

7. Scroll down and you will see the Temp that folder....single click on any of the items to highlight it, then hold down the "ctrl" and the "a" keys at the same time to select all from within the do NOT want to delete the folder....just the contents of the folder.

8. With all selected, right click in that selected/highlighted area and choose delete .. There may be some files that cannot be deleted... if that's the case, you can reboot your computer, go directly to the AppData\Local\Temp folder and most likely you'll be able to delete it.

Bottom line want to delete e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g inside this Temp folder......all folders and files are just junk left over from programs that have deposited stuff there. (But not to worry if there are one or two items that just refuse to let you delete them)

9. When the folder is emptied, right click on your Recycle Bin on the desktop and empty the Recycle Bin. (By deleting it from the Temp folder you've just transferred it from one location to want to "take out the trash" so you want to empty the Recycle Bin)

10. It's a good idea to reboot the computer after cleaning out this folder....but I absolutely know Midnight Castle puts stuff in this Temp folder...some of the older files may be competing against the newer files to prevent them from doing what they need to do. Also, the larger this folder (more stuff/junk inside it), the more your computer will experience general lagging.

Everyone should periodically empty the contents of this Temp folder to help computer performance. And nothing you delete from INSIDE this folder will harm your computer.