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Need your prayers    Messages from the Heart

Started Sep-30 by Lady Pirate (MCPirateLady); 2644 views.

Hi all, I’m sorry to say that my breast cancer metastasized. I found out when my femur snapped. I have lesions in my skull, both femurs, three vertebrae, my lungs (tiny) , and my liver(pea sized). What a bummer! I will be doing chemo and radiation therapies and more bone surgery for a while. I’ll keep you posted. Take care.

Linda62 (Kingo62)

From: Linda62 (Kingo62)


Prayers and love to you MCPirateLady.  heartheartheart

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

pray Take care - we are thinking of you. bouquet


Dearest Lady Pirate:

Been on my friends list for quite a while.

Sending healing thoughts and prayers

Along with HUGE hugs sunflowersunflowersunflower

and Saguaro cactus strength 

Will be thinking of you during your journey.  Take care and stay safe.

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From: Suenamie5


I will pray for you (((hugs)))!!  Well wishes and blessings for your healthsparkling_heart