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unique stamps   Friends

Started Nov-19 by Marcia68; 620 views.

From: Marcia68


Hi Friends and all ! I need 3 unique stamps can you help me out!! Thanks all.


From: LvlSlgr


I got several of mine by feeding pets.


From: Hirento


Hello Marcia68,

I don't know how much a Unique Stamp will cost if you buy it with diamonds, but if it is more than 48 diamonds (and if you have plenty,) then you could try the Mystic Fountain ZZ in the Ancient Park area of Town.

(edited to add that this ZZ is only available to you from level 59, I think it is)

This zz gives either Simple Pet Food, or a Unique Stamp (or nothing, I've had that too, unfortunately).

It is expensive in terms of items - it will cost 3xBlinding Disc, 3xHarpy's Feather and 3xDrop of Thirst. If you don't have these items you can buy them with diamonds  for a total of 48.

So if purchasing a Unique Stamp directly with diamonds costs more than 48, you might be lucky if you try the ZZ.

Of course, you are not guaranteed to get a Stamp. It could be Simple Pet food instead.

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From: AEGram


Marcia68 said:

Hi Friends and all ! I need 3 unique stamps can you help me out!! Thanks all.

IF you totally run out of any of the stamps, the game is very stingy with giving them to you. And Unique stamps are the absolute worst.

When I started playing, years ago, I crafted Ancestor's Spirit and totally ran out of Unique stamps. I needed 3 for a character quest that wanted me to craft an item. 

I was still working, but I played several hours after was the third day of at least 3-4 hours each evening just doing HOS rounds before I got the first one!!!!

So, I've learned (the hard way) that to get the game to give you Unique stamps, you must have at least 20 (minimum) in inventory.....50 is better.  Then, when you need to craft an item, you get how ever many you need for the item before you craft it so you maintain that absolute minimum of 20 in inventory at all times.

You can ask your friends....and many will gift them to you. But you need to get your game to give them to you on a regular basis. You cannot expect your friends to supply all you will need in the game.

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From: Moonki


For things like stamps, I put the item on my wish list and get all or most I need. I of course also give to my friends who have the item on their list. Moonki

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From: Hirento


I have never tried to use the ZZ when I have an active quest from Pinfeathers that requires Unique Stamps, but perhaps it works like other ZZs or HOs, that you will always get what you need if a quest asks for it?

And other times what you get is random?

aegram mentioned that if you have more than 20, then the game will be more generous, and I believe there is something in that.

For a long time I struggled with having/getting too few of the Unique, until the last Community Event some years ago (2017?), where the reward was a lot of Diamonds and - o joy - 15 Unique Stamps. After that it was as if those stamps increased in frequency from the HOs and I have never run out since.