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Lost all my progress after the recent update   Technical Issues

Started Nov-21 by MinaMori; 320 views.

From: MinaMori


I updated my game, and suddenly I lost all progress I had made, I was around level 60 I think. I haven't played in a while. Is there any way to restore everything? Please help!


From: AEGram


When you say you lost all progress...does that mean you were put back to Level 1?

If so, Big Fish can rebuild your game, but you probably won't get it all back....there've been mixed responses from people who have had games restored...guess it depends on who you get as your tech when you get their email starting the assistance.

A big plus, when you contact them is knowing how many coins you had and how many of each inventory item, which achievements you've completed, etc. Most people have said they don't get Event inventory, "floating objects" in the books, some say they get no achievements, some say they get to completed parts (If you've completed first and second levels on an achievement and also have progress into that third requirement, they can only put you at the finished level 2, for instance)

This is the link to use if you want to contact Elephant Games:

This is the link to use if you want to contact Big Fish: