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jdmrgn friends a1369508 ~ new device & ID #   Friends

Started Nov-23 by kthreads; 282 views.

From: kthreads


Hi all

My Chromebook began fritzing out so I had to purchase a new one. I was going to wait to transfer my game  until after the event was over, however, Elephant Games finally responded to my issue of my PC games constantly crashing and so I had them transfer my game to the new device. I sent out re-invites to all my friends. A lot responded (thank you so much for staying with me), But, I am now down to about half the number of friends I had. Being part of the consortium, and helping out those in need, this is not so good....
Because this is my main Android game I use for the consortium. I am asking that my friends please respond to my requests to re-add me to their lists. I am good about gifting and always have event rooms open during all events.
Because a lot of people have dropped off the game, I am asking Android players to consider adding me as a friend so I can get more private event rooms to gather more eggs and items for the consortium. I don't expect people to gift me, but as I stated above, I am good about gifting (I use a list and do A - Z), and I do always keep event rooms open, perhaps you'd consider adding me for extra event rooms. 


Old ID: a1369508      Old Name: jdmrgn*consrt ~Rm 5     (This game will be gone after the event as the device is unstable)

NEW ID: a1460485     Name: jdmrgn*consrt ~Rm 5      (This game is looking for friends)


From: misstracy22


Hi Janet, 

It’s great that you have a new chromebook. Sad that you have lost lots of friends. I’m sure you will collect more as they realise you have ‘moved castles’ and you need them to help with others. As the fall event comes nearer to a close I think some players have a rest and reassess their connections ready for the Winter Event. So this is a perfect time to let everyone know what’s happening with your game. 

Thanks and thanks for all your hard work with the consortium, as with all our other team members and helpers. We couldn’t do it without teamwork.