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Be aware of a glitch when Gifting   Friends

Started Nov-23 by Lisadengel; 774 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi everyone, 

I've been noticing a glitch on both my PC game and iPad (which started before the event).

I gift A-Z round and round.  I have a sheet with everyone's player name and ID so that if they change names, I can still find them.  When I finally get all my friends to load, I will find that very frequently, one of my friends will be missing from their usual spot - and they are not on red or with no wish list.  

For instance, let's say I have these friends in order:  Annie, Blake, Cathy and David.  

So sometimes, I will gift Annie and Blake but then David is next on the list.  Cathy's disappeared from the Friends list entirely.  It doesn't matter whether this happens in the middle of the page of friends, or right after the turn to the next page of friends.

In order to fix it, I have to refresh my Friends list and they will be back where they should be.  So just an FYI that you might be missing people on your Friends list, even if the count is correct.

Have a great holiday everyone who celebrates it!

Lisa (PC)/Grizella (iPad)

That glitch has been around for a couple of years on my game, with the added twist that when I refresh the list I get the missing friends but the ones on either side of them disappear.  Another quirk of the game.

Like Trixie Belle, I've had this glitch for quite a while now.  I get around it by gifting last on the list first, for instance, David, Cathy, Blake, Annie. Occasionally, someone will disappear, but it works most of the time.


From: datsalotta


When a friend does not appear on my Social Page, I do a search. I just type in the first letter of their name and it comes up right away - I do this on PC and ipad.

Maybe will work this way for you??