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Uninstall Game   Technical Issues

Started Dec-6 by alliebdive; 441 views.

From: alliebdive



As I reported just before the last tiny update a 1 appeared in my queue and then Waiting to Activate appeared against Midnight Castle  if this is selected I get error 900.  I messaged Big Fish games customer service and got a detailed reply from them suggesting i un-installed game manager, then used a link to delete possibly corrupt files and the re-installed it.  I did all those things but it is in exactly the same state.  I reported this and they now suggest i uninstall Midnight Castle and then re-install it.  This makes me very nervous.  Im afraid I'll lose the game and my progress etc.  Any advice?  Is it ok to do?  Thanks, Allie.  Playing on PC btw

Hi allieb I have done it several times. When your game reinstalls it will be the latest version. Yes it is scary and i worry everytime I do it. I also make sure I have an up to date list of friends and their ids as reassurance. Good luck.



From: AEGram


Because of how the files are stored on a PC, one can use the Game Manager to uninstall/reinstall Midnight Castle with the assurance that your game will remain intact.

HOWEVER, on other uninstall/reinstall of the game will result in all lost progress.

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From: alliebdive


Well I did it !  Pretty scary but all ok.  Phew.....  Ive been so lucky, I have only once lost my game in all these years and have somehow (shhhh its listening) avoided all the issues that so many have had over the last couple of years..... so not so used to having to do it.  Thanks for the reassurance chaps!

Hooray. Glad it went well.