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Christmas Capture Bug   Technical Issues

Started Jan-16 by Lenientman; 1091 views.

From: Lenientman


Hi everyone,

Is anyone else seeing a bug with capturing the christmas things that go across your screen? (PC) I have been seeing some go across the screen as one thing and when I capture it I get another. For example, it would show as a snowflake, but then I really got a christmas cookie. I also ran into some areas where it would appear two are moving across my screen at once. It doesn't happen constantly, but I wanted to see if anyone else had run into this issue.

Daniel :)

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)



You are not just seeing things. There are more than 1 ghost at a time flying around. Wait for the next ghost to show up and click on that one. Beware, I have gotten 4 at a time. When it gets like that, close the game and then restart it. It will clear up for a bit.


From: Lenientman



I am glad to know it is not just me. I remember the horror of when there was bugs last time and we all lost our accounts. Hopefully it won’t bring any other troubles… *knocks on wood*




From: Playbelle


I haven't had this issue so far, but I am having a different capture issue.  I started a new topic titled Frozen Ghosts.

Maybe these bugs are why we didn't get a Christmas Event in December. 

I wonder why they suddenly have so much trouble with events? In a new game, I'd expect it, but if there were any major glitches with the events before 2021, I never saw them. You'd think they'd have worked out any bugs by now since they pretty much do the same sort of thing for every event. Different looks, but the same kind of stuff for every event. Instead, it seems like every update since mid 2021 has had some kind of issue for a lot of the players. Weird.


From: AEGram


Playbelle said:

I wonder why they suddenly have so much trouble with events?

Just a theory.....this game was issued to PC players in beta version in December 2013. The production version was released in January 2014.....other platforms followed shortly after that.

I'm very sure that the original developers/creators/programmers are long gone from the game. (What I've observed is that someone will create an app or a game...if it becomes very successful, someone offers them a boatload of money to purchase this very popular game/app.)

So, only those original programmers know exactly how the various parts are interconnected. For sure, future programmers can learn/discover much of the interactions, but undoubtedly they will miss some of it.

Add to that assumption....the programming technology in 2013 was significantly less robust than what it's evolved to in 10 years (give or take a few months). 

Any new programmers (and I believe that in the history of the game many have come and many have gone)....but those new programmers must first try to learn what was done and how it was done on old technology that they probably aren't totally familiar with. 

Let's complicate things further by creating new software for that antique software (which is the building blocks of the game) and making it compatible without blowing up the game itself.

I think that's why we have game issues when new material is released....the programmers are trying to do something that they know can easily be done but either can't get it to work completely right because of the old base upon which they need to build or just don't know enough about that old software to be able to make it work..

I'm not a mechanic, but it seems similar to building a car with wonderful new parts on a Model T chassis......The car will never, ever run smoothly.

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From: Playbelle


Hi AEGram,

Thanks for taking the time to share your theory. It makes a lot of sense to me, so I'll go along with that explanation (especially since we know we won't get one from Big Fish). wink

Thanks also for the fix you gave in my Frozen Ghosts topic.

You always have such great advice!  I really appreciate your contributions to the forum.

Happy gaming!


From: LadyAstra



        On a related note about the development team, I saw this morning that the Midnight Castle Facebook Page now has a Community Manager assigned to it, and they say they're going to start posting and responding regularly again.  Maybe they didn't have a regular team assigned to MC for a few years, and now they're settled again?  That would also explain some of the recent inconsistency.



From: AEGram


Thanks, LadyAstra, for that tasty bit of information!!!